Paige Held: The Meaning of Life and the Spiritual Bank Account

Paige Held Instagram Challenge 2015-3229-2 Excellence Reporter: Paige, what is the meaning of life?

Paige Held: Interestingly enough no one has ever asked me this question. It seems like such a vast, huge, deep question that could take someone’s very lifetime to answer. It also seems like this very question could change, mold, shift, take on new meanings throughout your life depending on what you may be going through from moment to moment. It also seems yet so simple.

As I go through the rolodex in my mind, some thoughts that come to me are the typical “to be happy” that’s the meaning of life. But as I write that doesn’t resonate fully. Of course we all want to be happy, but how? Well I happen to know that answer. Give yourself of service and in return you will find yourself, you will gain an extraordinary amount of happiness and inner peace, and you will find the meaning of your life. It’s only when we lose ourselves in service do we find the meaning of life.

As I navigate through the murky waters and dark days of my own life I continually hear the voice of spirit gently remind me to give. Give in all ways I can. My time, my energy, my compassion, my love in all ways always. Whether you smile at a stranger or spend time in Africa healing the sick. Every time you give yourself of service you will deposit into a very deep spiritual bank account that is innately in each of us that will fill you up on levels that you didn’t know existed. You will feel true authentic happiness and that to me is the meaning of life.


~Paige Held is the co-creator of Hot Fusion™ Yoga and the owner of The Yoga Joint

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