Sally Landau: The Meaning of Life and Being Light of Heart

RP6_0819-editsmallI must have been 10 or 11 years old. I remember lying in my bed, listening to the sounds of younger children playing outside on a summer evening, all the while pining for the freedom they had. My mom believed in the early to bed protocol.

Resting there, not sleepy, my room still well lit with the latent light of dusk, my mind drifted to my toys, books, some stuffed animals and I wondered….what was the meaning of life? Having no religious dogma to follow or overheard discussions to absorb on the subject, my mind began to drift. Everything around me seemed to be there for my pleasure, my enjoyment. I decided the meaning of life was to have fun.

That’s served me well all these years. It’s taught me to live in the moment, to enjoy even the smallest of tender mercies and gifts, to be grateful, to be kind, to find humor even when it’s challenging, to be light of heart and to play and play often.

Once in a workshop, I was asked to decide what verb I was. The instructor said he was “to teach.” I knew immediately, I am “to laugh.”

This doesn’t mean I don’t take life or what I do seriously. I do, yet I don’t take myself all that seriously. As a relationship coach to my clients, as a trusted friend, a loving mom and wife, it helps me be authentic and present and grateful and light.


~Sally Landau, Dating and Relationship Coach

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