Desireé Rumbaugh: The Meaning of Life and the Blank White Canvas

Des_Strappy-0137Excellence Reporter: Desireé, what is the meaning of life?

Desireé Rumbaugh: The best answer I’ve ever heard to this question was at a weekend seminar I attended about 16 years ago. The leaders put up a blank white canvas representing the meaning of life. Bottom line: there is no inherent meaning to life. Life in and of itself is absolutely meaningless. It is like a big blank white canvas that we are given at birth. It’s up to us individually to assign the meaning…or not.

For some, the meaning of life will be the achievement of a particular goal. For others, being present with whatever is happening day by day and moment by moment is enough. Some people want to be rich and others want to live simply and serve the poor. Some find meaning by staying in one place for their entire life and others delight in constant travel.

What is the meaning of Life? To me it is completely subjective. Whatever it is that we long for in this lifetime: love, art, money, sex, food, service, drugs, higher education, hanging out, surviving….we can go for it, do our best and enjoy as much as possible. Then we will have lived a meaningful life. At the end of the day we get to decide whether or not our life had any meaning. Ours is the only opinion that matters.

~Desireé Rumbaugh, Yoga Teacher

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