Jason Falls: What is the Meaning of Life?


Excellence Reporter: Jason, what is the meaning of life?

Jason Falls: The meaning of life is whatever you wish it to be. Some focus on religion to calm their fears of ever not existing. Some focus on living every minute to its fullest so you optimized your time spent. Still others focus on all that in-between stuff.

I think the meaning of life is both providing and receiving love and joy from those around you. Surround yourself with those that make you happy and eliminate contact with those that don’t.

I guess I fall on the “savor every moment” side of thinking.

The secret of life is to live.


~Jason Falls, Digital Strategist, Author, Thinker, Speaker. Some people have called him innovative and influential. His work has touched a number of large brands including Maker’s Mark, AT&T, Cafepress and Humana, to name a few.

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