Allan Combs: Life Has a Thousand Meanings

Allan April 2015Excellence Reporter: Prof. Combs, what is the meaning of life?

Allan Combs: There are a thousand meanings to life, as there are a thousand moments to the day. In the morning it is good to chop wood and carry water. At night to read, enjoy friendships and loved ones, drink wine. Be intoxicated with life. Midday is a time for work and DOING things. Make art, teach others, ply at a craft, write books and poems. Enjoy your work colleagues. Afterward exercise. Walk the dog. Play music.

Each moment is new with its meaning waiting to be discovered.

If a system’s attractor is strange,
You will see its trajectory range
Through every spot
You can possibly plot
In the space of temporal change.
-Ted Melnechuk

~“Leslie” Allan Combs, PhD
Doshi Professor of Consciousness Studies and Director of The Center for Consciousness Studies
President of the Society for Consciousness Studies
Director of Consciousness Studies master’s degree program at the Graduate Institute of Connecticut.
Professor Emeritus at the University of North Carolina
Co-founder of  The Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences
The one-hundred member Club of Budapest

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