Deborah Lee Williamson: What is the Meaning of Life?

July 10 2014We have all sat with someone we love dearly and held tightly onto their hand at least once… Right? 
Have you ever done so while saying goodbye? 
Have you given them a kiss or a tender hug? I am fairly sure we all have. But… 
Have you ever done all these things, knowing it was the last time you would ever do so, 
because the person you adore is laying on their deathbed slowly slipping away? 
I have… Twice! 
Imagine watching helplessly as they deteriorate, as you see this amazing person,
who has been a big part of your life transform, as their body prepares to die. 
At two different times in my life, I had to watch an amazing woman I love, wither away and die from cancer. 
For me, the meaning of life changed drastically. The things that mattered to me most, seemed trivial. 
It was no longer about the best clothes, fancy cars and vacations, or who’s this was bigger/better than who’s that… 
All the materialistic things that I thought I needed to be happy suddenly seemed less important. 
The people in my life, my family and friends, are more necessary to the well being of my soul, than anything I could buy. 
The time spent with them, the love shared… those are the things that give my life meaning. 
Those are the things that ‘feed my soul’. Every other thing in my life can be replaced. 
Time and memories with those we love, the priceless moments shared that make a person who they are. 
That is where I find meaning. Where I find joy and contentment. 
The meaning of life, my definition of living, is to share love. To share of yourself,
with the intention of making the most out of every blessing  given on a daily basis. 
Mostly, the meaning of life is having a purpose. That purpose is to live life to the fullest, 
spread love and laughter wherever you can and be thankful for what you have. 
Life is meant to be lived and love makes the world go around… 

~Deborah Lee Williamson, 52, writer/poet

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