Anne Van de Water: The Meaning of Life and the Two Core Values

11407259_10153352860508908_3168596250234284997_nExcellence Reporter: Anne, what is the meaning of life?

Anne Van De Water: The meaning of life is highly personal to each and every individual and cannot be homogenized in a blanket statement.

For me the meaning of life is to stay aligned with two of my core values: Truth and Love and to fully embody who I truly am and why I am truly here and to support others in doing the same. As Neem Karoli Baba said, “Love everyone and tell the Truth.”


~Anne Van De Water
Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Pranayama Teacher, Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Hands on Healer, Singer, Song Writer, Musician, Sound Therapist, and Kirtan Leader. Anne is an Inspirational Speaker, Self-Published Author and Gourmet Raw Food Alchemist, Chef and Nutritionist.

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