Ursula Verduzco: The Meaning of Life and the Raw Knowledge of Your Being

ATT_1431376412671_FB_IMG_1430066642881Since I can remember, there has been an internal voice that reminds me every step of the way….Ursula, you have an opportunity.

So then Life is an opportunity.

The meaning of life is as vast and varied as humans and minds exist. I believe we are the ones that give meaning and reason to our existence. Without choosing an intention we might as well be just one more human in an overpopulated planet.

Choosing purpose and meaningful paths is not a difficult task, it will invariably happen, purposely or not.

Whether or not we learn to get to the level of doing it consciously or letting circumstances choose for us, we are the catalyst of our reasons, outcomes and the path we choose to walk.

We are so small in comparison with the powerful energies of this Universe a little piece of a grand machine that moves us forward. And yet so magnificent in our own right for the potential each of us holds in our being.

We, are the Universe.

The raw knowledge of who we are is available to each of us if we are brave enough to search inside our mind, heart and body and deal genuinely with anything we find.

Who I am is not what I do, but it is intertwined because I choose to express my essence this way.

We are surrounded, intentionally sabotaged and bombarded by multiple types of images, messages, stereotypes, expectations that cloud our true nature, instincts and humanity. No wonder why we forget in the turmult of our lives who we are, where we come from and where we want to go. It becomes so hard to constantly fight and take a stand against the repetitive instruction of who we “should” be.

It is necessary to delve into the raw knowledge of your being to understand your basic and very personal character and needs, to start developing yourself as a unique human being that can now, in this way, with this knowledge, consciously create and choose to express through that unique essence.

But that is, if seen as the only meaning, a self centered approach.

We are social beings and invariably we affect and get affected by our environment…the one that we all help create.

We could continue philosophizing but fulfilment grows in the actions, leading us to satisfaction, mastery, change and power.

Or…are we content wasting our talents and spending our lives being followers of social expectations?

Revolutionize the world with how you treat yourself mentally, spiritually and physically. By the way you interact with others, sharing your gifts and essence and leaving your mark on this world because of it.

Give meaning to your journey unapologetically and dig into how you choose to express THE RAW KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR BEING.


~Ursula Verduzco, Professional Ballet Dancer and freelance Choreographer
Founder and Director — The Latin Choreographers Festival

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