Lao Tzu: On Humility and Pride

laozilaotzu-56afcaa25f9b58b7d01d19c5Only great humility and great love allow one to obtain the Great Power, Which is the same as the Power of Tao!

A disciple should never lose impeccable humility! It is the guarantee of great victories over oneself! It is the basis of the correct achievements in the transformation of the soul! You should agree with Tao completely. If you do this only partially, this will result in a dangerous breakdown.

Only complete humility before the Supreme Will is the cure for this deadly disease — pride.

The proud and selfish are ‘heavy’. They drown in their own vices, which entangle them with their ‘weight’. Thus they lose a major battle of life!

On the contrary, the humble and selfless are ‘light’. Thanks to this, nothing in their lives can be a serious obstacle for them! They can quickly achieve the transparency of the body and subtlety of the soul.

Sadness and anger are companions of pride. Calm and joy are companions of impeccable humility.

Being in the state of great calm, always accept the inevitable! Everything in the world of matter is possible for the One Who lives in the Mergence with Tao. This Person has no desires that are different from the Will of Tao or opinions that are different from the opinions of the Great Te.

There are many people who only heard about wise and helpful things, but who never made of them the foundation of their lives. In spite of this, they consider themselves knowledgeable and are proud, thinking that they have no equals… See how ridiculous their pride is in the Light of the Truth!

You can’t prevent errors of the fools! You can’t stop the pride of the arrogant people! You can’t replace with your knowledge the ‘knowledge’ of the idlers and loafers, who merely speculate about the Path!

Proud people with the vicious minds tend to see defects of others and condemn everything around. Yet they don’t notice their own imperfections! Truly intelligent people, on the contrary, seeing the defects of others, will eliminate the same bad qualities in themselves, as if they were looking in the mirror placed before them by Tao.

The wise look at all creatures from the position of Tao, that is, with the eyes full of love. The wise act maintaining the Mergence with Tao inside Its Great Calm. The actions of the wise are perfect because they come from Tao. That is why the reproaches of vicious people don’t affect the wise.

The wise are immune to hatred and condemnation! Such emotions can’t touch them since they live in Tao!

Excerpts from Lao Tzu: Parables, by Anna Zubkova


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~Lao Tzu (also rendered as Laozi, Lao Tse) was an ancient Chinese philosopher and writer. He is the reputed author of the Tao Te Ching, the founder of philosophical Taoism, and a deity in religious Taoism and traditional Chinese religions.

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