Advaita / non-duality

Andreas Müller: The Meaning of Life… Free and Unburdened

IMG_20191115_100421Excellence Reporter: Andreas, what is the meaning of life?

Andreas Müller: There is no answer to that question, because there is no one who could answer it. And there is no answer to that question, because there is no such thing as “life” in the first place.

All there is, is meaningless in the full sense of the word. ‘What is’ is without meaning and therefore free and unburdened by the idea of ‘meaningful or of not being meaningful’. All there is, is effortlessly and unconditionally itself.

Nothing in this apparent world needs to process the idea of there being a ‘meaning of life’ as nothing in this world assumes itself to be separately alive. Nothing in this apparent world experiences itself to be a separate entity, so naturally nothing needs to know anything about its own meaning in life. Everything is naturally complete by just being itself ever without the need to know about itself and the need to position itself within this apparent existence.

The question of there being meaning or of there being no meaning is nothing but an artificial problem that only takes place within the experience to be self-aware. However, when it becomes obvious that there is no such thing as a self which is aware, the question if there is a meaning of life or not becomes irrelevant. In that sense, the question about the meaning of life remains beautifully unanswered.


~Andreas Müller was born in 1979 in Ludwigsburg in Southern Germany. After taking drugs in his youth and seeking in spirituality afterwards, he met Tony Parsons in 2009.

“First, I was shocked. Though I had already known and experienced a lot, this was something new and unexpected. Suddenly, for no reason, I heard what Tony was saying, and soon it was undeniable: There is no one.”

Since 2011, Andreas has been holding talks and intensives throughout the world.

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