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Fred Davis: The Meaning of Life — “To Who?”

IMG_20191114_093520Excellence Reporter: Fred, what is the meaning of life?

Fred Davis: The meaning of life is whatever you assign to it. Your life purpose at this moment is to read this sentence.

Meaning and purpose both beg the question, “To who?” Life has no inherent meaning or purpose. IT IS, which is beyond any sort of personalized meaning or purpose, right or wrong, good or bad.

I, Conscious Awakeness, have a story I tell myself through the Fred unit. I have a story that this is an important teaching. The Fred Unit works tirelessly to share it. Simultaneously, I – Conscious Awakeness – like to reflect on what Nisargadatta said about spiritual teachings: 

“Gurus come and gurus go, but I notice not much changes.”

Nonduality is all-inclusive, by which I mean that it also includes the experience of relativity. The relative is not other than the Absolute.

Here is my mantra:

Everything counts! But nothing matters. (However, everything still counts!)


~FRED DAVIS is a spiritual unteacher. He studied and practiced Eastern wisdom for twenty-five years prior to 2006, when seeking ended, and his true awakening commenced. He is the creator and editor of Awakening Clarity He has Nothing to offer you, which turns out to be a pretty big deal.

Fred is also the author of five books, including the nondual bestsellers Awaken Now: The Living Method of Spiritual AwakeningThe Book of Undoing: Direct Pointing to Nondual Awareness, and Beyond Recovery: Nonduality and the Twelve Steps.

Fred’s The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening is a very successful process of nondual inquiry, investigation, and direct pointing that encourages immediate recognition and acceptance of our shared true nature, Oneness. Following recognition, The Living Method then helps to orient and clear the seeker-become-finder. 

Fred has worked with people from all the major traditions: Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Transcendental Meditators and Zen practitioners, as well as people with no allegiance to any religion or sect at all. More than a thousand people on six continents have found the door to freedom using The Living Method, which has roots in both Eastern spirituality and Western philosophy.

Fred is very happily married, is deeply devoted to this teaching, his beautiful wife, and his extraordinary animal companions. He lives quietly as a chiefly ignored urban hermit in what he calls “The Heart of Progressive America,” which as everyone knows is Columbia, South Carolina.


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