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Atman Nityananda: On the Meaning of Life

ATMAN NITYANANDA Meaning of lifeThe meaning and essence of life is to live with Truth, Freedom, Creativity and Happiness! Is to unfold our potential in all aspects of our existence, to create inner harmony and reach a higher state of consciousness; to explore life, learn from experiences, develop our capacities (physical, emotional, mental, intellectual) and express our talents. The meaning of life is to enjoy life and serve all beings. 

We can live a meaningful life by living consciously, by using consciously our thoughts, feelings, will and actions to cause an integral development of all levels of our existence (body, heart, mind, consciousness), a radical inner transformation and an awakening of consciousness. An awakening to the unity and harmony of life and to the peace, plentitude and bliss of the Divine Consciousness which is our essential nature and identical with the universal Consciousness, the source of all life (what we call God or Spirit).

The ultimate meaning of life is liberation or God-Realization. This can be achieved by a total inner transformation, the total dissolution of the egoic self, and the direct realization of our Divine nature and unification of our mind with the Divine Consciousness. It is to become a Divine Being of love and light, a pure channel of the divine Will and to enjoy fully the peace, plenitude, freedom and bliss that we Are.


~Atman Nityananda 

Born and grown in Greece, I was highly interested since very young in spiritual and metaphysical matters and psychology. I have worked for twenty-two years as physical education teacher and tennis coach.   

In my twenties I had a very strong experience of God’s presence while I was playing tennis, making it the starting point of my spiritual journey. My spiritual quest started with the Universal Gnostic Movement in Athens, whose I was member for ten years.

In 2002 I had a call of Haidakhan Babaji (a great master of India known in the West as “Mahatavar Babaji” from the book ‘The Autobiography of a Yogi’ of Paramahansa Yogananda) and I went on pilgrimage to the Himalayas (India) ending up in Babaji’s ashram. Haidakhan Babaji is my beloved Master and he has played the most crucial role in my spiritual journey. Since then, I started more intensive practice (Sadhana) based on the instructions of Sri Babaji and Swami Sivananda. I followed an integral Sadhana which included Karma yoga, Bhakti and Mantra yoga, Tantra, Raja Yoga, Jnana yoga and other modern methods. For around ten years I would visit India every summer to do Sadhana at Babaji’s ashrams (mainly), as well as at Sivananda’s ashram in Rishikesh and ashram of Ramana Maharshi in Tiruvannamalai.

In 2006, Advaita Vedanta came in my life and became an inextricable part of my daily Sadhana. In January 2008, awakening happened in an unexpected moment while I was doing Self-Enquiry and reflection on Nisargadatta’s teachings compiled in the book ‘I Am That’

After twenty-seven years of study, practice and inner transformation I formed an integral method of inner development, spiritual transformation and awakening of Consciousness which I call: Advaita Atma Yoga-The double approach.

Currently living in Barcelona, Spain.

My websites:

  1. Advaita Atma Yoga (english)
  2. Advaita Atma Yoga (spanish)
  3. Αυτογνωσία & Γιόγκα (greek)
  4. Mahavatar Babaji  (greek-english-spanish)

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