Rev. Anne Sermons Gillis: A Love Letter to Life

IMG_20190904_095134What is the meaning of life? I silently laughed as I read the question. Where was Socrates when I needed him? But I don’t need Socrates to have an opinion, and, of course, Socrates, true to form, would expect me to answer the question myself. That’s the problem with philosophers: they want to stimulate thought, rather than generate and provide information about the what if’s, the how to’s, and the meaning of life’s questions.

The question is inconsequential, in my opinion, because there is no meaning to life. Does that mean I’m a cynic? Does that sentiment suck each moment dry? I think not. My take: we provide the meaning to life. The more we remove our programming and hidden beliefs, the more life itself emerges as that which is majestic. Each momentary slice of life is perceived differently, depending on the filters through which life is viewed. Life means nothing, just as a rose has no meaning, but a rose is beautiful and has a place in the circle of life. I may not think that life has meaning, but I deeply appreciate it.

Some say that life is Maya. It is an illusion. The world is a dream, but others think each moment is sacred. Everything is holy. There are only extraordinary moments. I believe both theories have merit, and that we can experience both the illusion and the sacredness of everything. We are multidimensional beings, after all. Spirit and human, all wrapped into one neat package, and this amalgamation leads us down multiple paths of reality.

This may skirt the question, but I’ve put my thoughts about life in a short letter. After all that life’s given me, it may be time for me to be honest about my feelings. I’m in love.

A Love Letter to Life

Dear Life,

I want to thank you for all the opportunities you provide, the people you place in my path, and the extraordinary panoply of sights you offer. Even now, as I see people leaving the planet and watch our precious mother earth being destroyed, I feel your hand on my shoulder, blessing me, bringing joy where there was sorrow.

Thank you for the amazing, tantalizing people who guide me and ride with me, and for those I am allowed to guide. How astounding that a chance encounter can turn the tide of my life, and that the tide moves intentionally in each moment. I am in awe of your wonders, of the uniqueness that illuminates my way, of the choices and the possibilities that light the sky of my Being. How can life continue to arrange itself in one continuous blessing? How can my good endlessly oversee each moment? Yet it does. There is a miracle at every corner, but the greatest miracle is that I can see! I can see what undergirds the surface disruptions and experience the essence of life. This is realty. This is the wonder of living.

With love, admiration, and Gratitude,

I may not believe that life has meaning, but I do believe that meaning has us. Meaning lights on our perceptions and brings with it the grail of understanding. It’s the grail of transformation, not information, and for this, my only reaction is to give thanks for my blessings, and I do. With gratitude and wonder, hand in hand, life can only become EZier and EZier.


~Rev. Anne Sermons Gillis, M.S., is known as the Minister of Mirth, and the Mother and founder of the EZosophy (easy-osophy) Philosophy. She is an interfaith minister and personal growth coach. She advocates for the absolute right to freedom of religion and affirms the truth in all religions, faiths, and spiritual traditions.

She was the co-founder and senior minister of the Connection Church in Memphis, TN where she served for 14 years and past president of the Houston Lodge of the Theosophical Society. She speaks to churches and groups about confronting and healing ego driven struggle, stress, and sacrifice. Anne publishes a weekly newsletter that focuses on spiritual growth and evolution. Her five books are: Offbeat Prayers for the Modern Mystic; EZosophy: The Art and Wisdom of EZ or at Least EZier Living; Standing in the Dark; Words Make a Difference: Affirmations, Visionary Statements, and Revolutionary Ideas for Transforming Ourselves, Our Culture and Our Planet; and The Living Book. They are available on Amazon Kindle and on Anne’s website.

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