Pernilla Lillarose on The Meaning Of Life

IMG_20190904_093145Excellence Reporter: Pernilla, what is the meaning of life?

Pernilla Lillarose: I would like to answer this question from 2 angles:

  1. What is the meaning of life to me? 
  2. What is the meaning of life itself? 

The answer will depend on who this ‘me’ is and what life ‘itself’ is. 

  1. What is the meaning of life to me?

I can only answer it from my own experience, observation and state of consciousness. I do believe we all arrive here on Earth with different intentions, desires and things we want to experience, all depending on our current state of Consciousness, and past experiences. 

Ultimately, I could say that the meaning of Life is to realize who I truly am and wake up out of this dream and into the full realization of my Divine Essence. Along the way to full realization, there are many experiences to be experienced and many obstacles that need to be met and overcome.

The meaning of life for a single homeless mother is different from a child born into a wealthy family or from a man paralyzed in a car accident. Even though we all feel a deep longing inside for love, joy, safety, connectedness and oneness, it depends on our state of consciousness how aware we are of this longing and consequently, where we are looking for it to fulfill it.

All these life experiences will eventually prompt us to turn back inside on the path to self-realization.

I sometimes see life as a maze that we willingly dropped into, only to eventually find our way out of again – back into the Oneness of life that we never really left. It’s also called the Divine Leela playing a game of hide and seek in this 3D world where seeming separation and limitation is the name of the game.

This stage of my life is to fully realize, express and embody my Divine Nature and Oneness. Many of the obstacles I went through to reach this stage of life were experiences like self-doubt, unworthiness, separation and giving my power away. Eventually, they all forced me to go within realize that I was never separate, that I ‘always already’ knew, and that my worth didn’t depend on anyone’s else’s opinion.

A big part of finding the meaning of life has been realizing that my highest and deepest and truest Self is who I am and that It guides me from within. I have learned to Listen to Its language as It expresses Itself in my body and Being, and follow Its prompts, even when I don’t understand them. Learning to trust those prompts has been another one of the many obstacles that I needed in order to find real meaning in life.

With this trust in place, the armor of lifetimes of feeling separate can start to soften and let go. Now is the blessed time of life where my Heart can keep opening and express that in the world. 

Little by little living from-and-as an open Heart is becoming the natural expression as all the layers of separation on this journey start dissolving. 

Then it all starts making sense and an even deeper meaning is revealed.

If the question is asked impersonally, as what is the meaning of life itself, I can only answer that from this more awake experience now than when I started on this life’s journey.

Looking back, everything that seemed meaningful at that time, led me to the next experience of meaning and eventually led me to the meaning of life that I experience now. Living as an open Heart in oneness with life seems the most meaningful experience to me in this moment.

Who knows what comes next? 


~Pernilla Lillarose is a Certified Hakomi Therapist, Self Love Mentor and Embodiment Whisperer at DivineFeminineFlow. She Loves helping Women experience in their own Sovereignty and feel empowered to share and shine their authentic beautiful Self without apology. She is the author of Imagine Being Kind to YourSelf, The Gift Of Being Sensitive, Women Standing For Love, and an online program Say Yes To YourSelf Without Guilt Or Doubt. 

If you would like to connect with Pernilla, please schedule a 30 min free Discovery Session with her to learn if she is the support you need to find real meaning in your life. 

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