Dorothy Rowe: Life and Meaning United Through Being

IMG_20190904_133440Excellence Reporter: Dorothy, what is the meaning of life?

Dorothy Rowe: Life is the spark of Divine essence within all things, the Source of creation, simultaneously manifest and unmanifest. This spark of life is self illuminating. As such it appears as the phenomenal forms of the world. We know this spark of Source energy as the flow of our own consciousness – our innocent attention. Wherever attention alights, its presence naturally awakens meaning. Even if we determine that something is ‘meaningless,’ that determination qualifies the object of attention, thus imbuing it with meaning.

Because Divine truth is present in every particle of creation it is our very Self. Identifying That within ourself, integrates the intimate connection between individuality and all points in creation. Nature’s true integrated form reveals reality recognized within the context of oneself. This context creates the framework for the concept of ‘meaning.’ Therefore, the recognition of True Self gives life meaning.

I am reminded of the breathtakingly beautiful moment of my father’s passing. As the life’s story stopped, his essential existence came into fine focus. Then, I truly knew him. The eternal, immeasurable value of the reality which was my father, was framed within a period of 79 years. He was gone for ever, and yet held by the embrace of time and space. The fullness of his whole life emerged as a final gift to his family, while we, grappled with the meaning of our loss.

Gain and loss, manifest and unmanifest, order and chaos; life’s polarities frame the infinite ocean of consciousness, the eternal Source of everything. These polarities provide a context for Eternity to speak in the language of human experience. Collectively, all the forms of creation are vessels, containing the indescribable, the qualitiless fountainhead of eternally expanding expression. That alone is the fundamental meaning within every thing, every experience, every moment, every circumstance, every drop of precious existence. That alone is.


~Dorothy Rowe went through a transformation of awareness in 2008 when she began using her life long ability to see the subtle strata of creation, to heal herself and others. Dorothy says she is only a witness to the healing process carried out by Divine intelligence. Dorothy’s perception of the manifesting process allows her to report extraordinary details of healing transformations, or energy work, to her clients. Her goal is to enable all her clients to develop their own abilities for profound self-healing. Dorothy offers private consultations, webinars and distance (remote) energy work sessions.

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