Rev. Peter Panagore: The Meaning of Life — Love is Key

IMG_20190822_165723.jpgExcellence Reporter: Rev. Peter, what is the meaning of life?

Rev. Peter Panagore: Love is key. Love is the meaning of life. We keep the love we give away, and we keep the love given to us. Love is the treasure of Heaven. Give love freely. The flow from the Abundance of Love Above is Never Ending. Atheist, agnostic, Jew, or Jain, it does not matter—what matters is love. Even love shared with a teacup poodle or a Maine Coon Cat. Love is all that matters, and all love matters. God the Ineffable is Love and is experienced through love.

The Buddha was right. Life is suffering. Jesus was right. The purpose of life is love. I saw this with my own soul when I was dead and carried to Heaven in the Oneness of Being.

Humans and creatures are consciousness downloaded like avatars as incarnated souls living inside our body biology with brains at the helm and our senses as the interface. Like the brain, the soul is blind to itself. We cannot see who we are, and so we forget who we are, and where we are from, and to where we will return after death. Death is the point of life because death is the doorway that opens to The Love Light beyond comprehension and speech. 

The Love Light is infinitely greater than all the matter, anti-matter, and dark matter of all this universe of a trillion, trillion galaxies compressed into one super mega black hole. 

Aim for heaven through living lovingly. Love is universal among homo sapiens, even in our enemies. Love is built into all humanity. The answer is simple. The answer is love. 

Love hurts here. Love is bliss here. Love has seven billion personal meanings, the meaning of which each lies in the feeling of love itself. 

The intimacy of melting into another–and the two become one–is an ecstasy of love divine in the physical form. Such love is mystical because we get to experience a portion of the purity of the oneness of being. 

We hurt the ones we love, and they hurt us. Openings ourselves to love opens our lives to wounds even as love enriches our life. Forgiveness is love, too. Giving forgiveness for wounds given to us is a practice of love and frees us from the burden of suffering. Giving forgiveness can be difficult, but it is not a gift for the other person.  Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves that frees us so we can go on living lovingly.

Love carries us into heaven. Meditation and prayer matter–these open the door before it is our time to leave–but never do they matter as much as living lovingly matters. It is so human to love.

We were birthed by Love when we were Spoken into being, made in an image of Love each us like a photon of love light that is simultaneously wave and particle; we are consciousness and matter mixed together. We are Love, from Love, and to Love, we will return. We just forget because we are blind and at best see in part, but then we see the Whole and are made whole. Love is key.

Love extravagantly. 


~Rev. Peter Panagore, MDiv is a two time near death experiences, Yale Divinity School graduate, mystic, contemplative, preacher of love, community pastor, international speaker, storyteller, TV writer and on air personality whose daily two minute spot reached 30 million views a year on two NBC stations in Maine for fifteen years. Interdenominational and interfaith, Rev. Peter’s Best Seller, Heaven Is Beautiful: How Dying Taught Me That Death Is Just The Beginning is available globally. Visit for more books, calendar dates, and social media links. Peter counsels’ clients globally and enjoys stilt walking in parades.

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