Karuna: What is the Meaning of Life?

IMG_20190823_092355Right at your heart!  That’s where we start!  

Somebody recently sent me an early birthday present. It must have been very urgent for me to receive because it was four months early. It was the story of a man who raised goslings from the egg to flight. So, isn’t the question “What is the Meaning of Life?” actually that journey? And, where we start every day?

Every day don’t we all start by hoping (and for some of us, praying) that we can actually materialize something fruitful and satisfying? Aren’t we every day hatching our own goslings, not only in our general “doings” of life but also much deeper down, on the journey of hatching our own inner egg?  

Just like the gosling knows how to use its beak to move to the next level of it’s life, to break out of that shell, we also have hidden inner resources to tap into for that journey—the world of our intuitions and our “knowing”. And, for me, that is what the central part of my life—Yoga and yogic lifestyle–is all about.  

For starters, life is about “waking up”, “growing up”, “cleaning up”, and “showing up”. Our awakening and awareness is, if we’re honest, often around what we don’t know. This can be, at first, confusing and disconcerting. But as we mature don’t we all learn that we can actually thrive from that “unknowing” place? Call it “unknowing”, or a deeper knowing, we come to learn about, listen to, and trust something “higher”– call it whatever we may. 

Today, this is what is spurring so many to inquire about deeper ways of living and being, and learning more about navigating this odd marriage of the unknown and the known. What is the secret of learning that navigation? It’s Trust! Right? Just like when you turn on your GPS and trust that it can take you to the place you are aiming to reach. For me of course, as a yoga practitioner and teacher, my narrative about this includes words like “God” and “Guru”, but no matter what we call it, it is the same phenomenon. We want the meaning of life to be about this dynamic conversation of honesty, trust, compassion and love.  

I offer “Rebirthings” in the tradition of the great Yogi, Yogi Bhajan, and these are all about breaking out of that shell and moving to the next, natural, level that is available to all of us. Yes, it involves breaking out of a hardness, the hardness of our accumulated habits, disappointments—all that–and even the general lack of direction so common to many lives today.  

The journey to inner knowing and being guided by inner knowing is different for everyone and in different life situations. It won’t be the same for the elder who has years of accumulated life story, habits, and beliefs stored up in their system as for a younger person who still has their whole life ahead of them, with plans and dreams. But just as the gosling somehow “knows” to break of that shell, there is something about perennial wisdom that fits every situation and finds ones way forward. As Yogi Bhajan himself said, and I remember it all the time: “there is a way through every block”.   

So, I teach kundalini yoga and offer these countless courses from Rebirthings to full Teacher Training because I know they work—they have worked in my life—and I see them transform the lives of countless people.   In January 2020 I’ll start a whole new round of this work, and accompanied by wise, common sense, methods and direction about lifestyle, and how anyone can find the lifestyle that truly works for them. That’s all at And this is also why I am the Host Editor of the magazine Light on Light: Spiritual Practices and Inspired Lifestyle (just see Light on Light Magazine at Facebook). We have over 140,000 readers now, and the message is all about all of us as those goslings.

The message is that we keep growing, and we don’t plateau for long. We never stop growing. And this means there is an endless source of adventure and discovery. We end up welcoming Ken Wilber’s design of (and this time I’ll capitalize them!) “Waking up”, “Growing up”, “Cleaning up” and “Showing up”– but it doesn’t stop there!  As Ken has shared with me, when we “Wake up” we can get stuck at “Growing up” because the next part is “Cleaning up” and that cleaning up phase is really dusty! Not only is there dust on our accumulated personal story but there is even dust on our cells and organs and clear down to our DNA. So we not only have to clean up our lives but clean up our organism, using the wisdom resources of good food and nutrition; exercise, activity and engagement; deep reflection and prayer; and forgiveness of self and others. And why? Because if we can get though the “Cleaning up” we can arrive at the next level, and that’s the “Lifting up”. Being lifted up—healthy, happy and holy, isn’t that the meaning of life? I think so, and it wouldn’t surprise me if you agree.  

I’d love to share the journey with you. We just made this special video for the Excellence Reporter: [click here]

Let’s be in touch!


~Karuna is a devoted mother, teacher, actress, radio host and magazine editor.

She brings her own unique light of compassion, enthusiasm and pure joy to international yoga and as a producer of inspired heartfelt sacred events including yoga, music and dance. As Host Editor of Light on Light Magazine, and on the Host Team of The Convergence series on VoiceAmerica, her message reaches out to thousands. 

Based in Boulder, CO at Karuna pioneered bringing level one, two, and threecertified KRI Teacher Training programs to the region and offers daily classes at Rally Sport Health & Fitness Club in Boulder along with online classes, including individual and group sessions. Certified in Children’s yoga and prenatal yoga, she teaches yoga to all ages including children, teenagers and prenatal moms. She leads retreats in Costa Rica and Yoga Festivals in Europe and has hosted many workshops with Master Teachers including GuruGanesha “Conscious Selling,” Mata Mandir “Mantra,” Snatam Kaur and GuruGanesha “Voice,” and loves to offer the community in-depth opportunities for studying with the Masters. She has been ordained as a “Wisdom Keeper” in both Kundalini Yoga and Lakota Native American healing modalities.

True to her spiritual name, which means “compassion,” Karuna likens herself to a coach, helping her students push beyond self-imposed limits. Her
classes are filled with humor, music and the spirit of transformation. Between international events, Karuna hosts Yoga-inspired retreats near
Boulder at Hacienda de Guru Ram Das. 

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