Moksha Mukti Apollo: What is the Meaning of Life?

IMG_20190822_103745Excellence Reporter: Mukti Apollo, what is the meaning of life?

Moksha Mukti Apollo: This question has become a cliche, and have been answered many times by many so called authorities and experts. So, I propose metaphysical yet scientific approach to answer this question, and I’ll answer in two parts and it may appear contradictory or controversial to the naive mind.

First, in a reasonable and thoughtful sense, to understand the meaning of life, one must understand what is “life”? According to life is “the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally.” So, what is the meaning of meaning in this sense? Meaning of life is living, and it raises many other questions. What is living, how to live etc.?

Meaning of life is also similar to the purpose of life, why you are here on the planet, and who you really are, and this kind of questioning takes one to the spiritual, theological, metaphysical and scientific mode of reasoning and thinking and outcome usually appears to be in a general sense and empty. Also, it cannot be answered without bringing already established dogmatic beliefs passed down to humans from previous generations. Meaning of life in simple truth is to live happily, and it raises more questions, not related to the topic. What is to live happily or how to live happily etc.? And happiness to me may be different than yours and it’s relative and idea of happiness is not constant and changes. I teach a course related to happiness, and it would be a separate topic.

Second, to really understand the meaning of life, you must go beyond, and find out who you really are and this statement raises more questions not related to the topic. Who you really are? How to find out who you really are? And I teach a separate course on this topic, and I am going to introduce to you a knowledge or wisdom or whatever you want to call it to “go beyond”, and it was bestowed upon me or I discovered or channeled or experienced. This is a process that cannot be known by thinking because it requires going beyond thinking and reasoning, and the human mind capacity limits to know what is beyond, however, it can be expressed via words only to give you a feel of it. To know what is beyond reasoning and thinking may require the mind to be the size of the sun or larger, and it is inefficient process try to make a head in such a large capacity which will require tremendous energy to function as a living organism. When you give up the idea of reasoning and thinking it is possible to discover or realize or experience who you really are, and reveal there is no meaning of life. What is there if there to do if there is no meaning to life as previously prescribed by dogmatic beliefs? Experience each moment in the ever perpetuating present moment.

Everything is available in the present moment, capacity for the knowledge and experience that teaches one about living and life. Capacity for knowledge is innate and also to acquire some via totality of collection of it since the beginning of humans on the planet. In this sense living and happiness varies for each individual’s subjective experience. However, objective experience is one because it comes from fundamental and essential source. Objective experience is very rare and cannot be locked down or framed or verbalized or written to give answer to the question what is the meaning of life because it comes from beyond thinking and reasoning capacity. And the words “meaning of life” come from the thinking and reasoning capacity, and it will never know in the first place, second the meaning does not exist nor is relevant to the life that is living on its own and trying to understand the meaning becomes inefficient or futile task, unless someone is asked to find out and there is a monetary or status quo or social reward for providing thoughtful and reasonable answers based upon existing collection of knowledge. Yet this capacity will never know nor understand, unless accept going beyond. In such experience or realization, it is possible to experience and realize the truth about life.

In conclusion, live happily, and in the course of life idea of happiness may change. Idea of living may change as the mind may wonder what kind of living, higher, lower, etc. It is not higher or lower living, simply living, and what makes you happy today may not make you happy tomorrow. So, it is not the “happy” living. It is only living in the present moment, and yes you can recall past, plan for the future in the now. Happy is only a word to describe the experience of living. Happy is an expression of joy, and you begin to see your mind is tricking you and it traps you. The mind is a vicious cycle, and cannot make you happy, it takes you to the haunting past, and to the anxious future, and experiences pain and suffering points you to go beyond reasoning and thinking. Thus, seeking to go beyond the reasoning and thinking to attain so called enlightenment or self realization becomes the new meaning of life.


~Moksha Mukti Apollo is a Spiritual Teacher and he also teaches music to mostly children, and some adults. His followers say he is extraordinarily knowledgeable and wise Enlightened Master, but he calls himself an ordinary Teacher expressing extraordinary revelations. He teaches students privately in one on one or in a group. His website is and he is on


Interested people can contact him to enroll on his Enlightenment Meditation Lessons course. His books are available on Amazon, and his latest book “Mirror” is about to be released.

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