The Meaning of Life: Observations of Barbara Berger

IMG_20190821_105734The evolution of our souls follows these steps upwards towards enlightenment (not necessarily in this exact order and some happen simultaneously). To be read from the bottom of the page upwards…

The Absolute / the Nature of Reality is Good / Pure Being /Enlightenment

Discovery of Nature of Reality / Good is a prior / God is Good

Focus on the Higher Self / the Divine Prototype / the Soul / Self-realization

Purification of the Mind /Using the mind to create Good 

Understanding Mental laws / Mind management

Recognizing and clearing personal and collective programming

Recognizing and clearing psychological blockages / trauma healing / dark night of the soul

Discovery of soul / slow release from the “personality”

Recognition of mental forces

Disillusion with the materialistic focus and lifestyle (breakdown/breakup of old materialistic lifestyle)  

Works to strengthen and purify the physical 

Works to change the outer order (for example, working for social change)

Seeks freedom

Rebellion against the human condition and injustice

Sees misuse of power (injustice in the world)

Lower desires—focus material world

Incarnation in physical body / level of consciousness at birth depends on previous lifetime(s)


About Barbara Berger

American-born Barbara Berger is the best-selling author of “The Road to Power – Fast Food for the Soul” (published in 30 languages), “Are You Happy Now? 10 Ways to Live a Happy Life” (published in 21 languages), “The Awakening Human Being – A Guide to the Power of Mind” and her latest book, “Find and Follow Your Inner Compass – Instant Guidance in an Age of Information Overload“. 

Barbara has been a seeker and a guide for other seekers all her life. All Barbara’s books are based on her life work which has always been to try to find a way out of suffering. Her quest to ease suffering has led Barbara to explore many different pathways and approaches – mental, physical, metaphysical, psychological and spiritual. After leaving the US in the mid-60s in protest against the Vietnam War and settling in Scandinavia, Barbara continued her quest with a passionate interest in the role of food in our mental and physical well-being. When she discovered in the early 1980s that health foods and diet were not enough to ensure true wellbeing, she began to study the science of the mind, the nature of consciousness, metaphysics, and finally traditional spirituality and psychology.

Today Barbara lives in Copenhagen, Denmark where she also works as coach and therapist, helping people around the globe come into alignment with their own true power. For more about Barbara see her Web site:

For all Barbara Berger’s titles on Amazon, see her Author page here:

Buddha at the Gas Pump interview:

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Coaching site:
Instagram: barbara_berger_author

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