Advaita / non-duality

Gloriji: The Meaning of Life… awakening to the true nature of reality

gloriji black and white 1Excellence Reporter: Gloriji, what is the meaning of life?

Gloriji: I don’t know, but I can share from my experiences. In our relative experience of being in the world, our search for the meaning of life begins as we mature. We’re acutely aware of the pain and suffering in the world and we have also known profound joy and beauty.

This relative plane of duality baffles the mind in its pursuit for meaning, happiness and peace for us and our world. As we awaken to the true nature of reality and know ourselves as that, the question of finding meaning in life loses all meaning. We no longer perceive life as something separate and outside of ourselves. We no longer look outwards to the play of consciousness for cause or resolution. The world we experience is within the consciousness that we are.

It’s as though consciousness goes from one extreme to another. Ignorance of our true nature flowers over time into knowing ourselves as the Ultimate Reality. The world of opposites is now viewed as an alluring and seductive realm for conditioning, attachment and desire. From this perspective, we may realize another polarization shaping itself in consciousness: the material world versus the world of reality. As this clarity dawns, a deeper journey unfolds and consciousness returns to all that it once saw as not being real. The lines of distinction have dissolved and consciousness is without opposite. The material world is not something less than the consciousness that it is. The two apparent perceptions meld through alchemy and the awakening heart, transparent sincerity and integration.

Meaning arises through the way which we relate to the world around us. It’s there in the glimmering eyes of a stranger when we hold a door open for them. It’s there when a passerby smiles at us and we smile in return. These small acts of kindness may make a significant difference in the lives of those we touch in this way.

We’re maturing back into life. People are awakening out of the need to be herded by religions, gurus and politics.  Spiritual concepts are dust at the feet of our lived experience. We can no longer accept anything that lacks heart and care for our planet, each other or for other sentient beings. We know there are no others. In our connection with each other meaning mysteriously arises. In our disconnect from each other, spiritual or otherwise, meaninglessness arises as division, war, famine, etc. There’s meaning to be found either way. One form of meaning is of the heart. The other may be a dogmatic view that shuts us off from our own need for connection with Mother Earth and each other.


~Gloriji is a shamanic energy medicine woman, speaker and spiritual teacher.  She had a spontaneous awakening during a dark night of the soul in 2003. She spent the better part of a decade healing and integrating as realization deepened into her lived experience.  She has a thriving healing practice, teaches and holds satsang in her local community. She’s also available for Skype sessions. You can find more information on her website:

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