Anna Zubkova: On the Meaning of Life and Fate

annaOne day, guests came to the Master. They were not his disciples, but had heard a lot about his wisdom. The Master’s disciples also gathered to listen to the conversation.

When everyone was conveniently located in the garden after a delicious lunch, the guests began to ask the Master their questions:

“Why does man live on the Earth? What is the meaning of our lives? 

“We, as well as most people, are in pursuit of well-being… But happiness is fleeting, just like a piece of sweet cake in your mouth: only a moment of bliss… And then… only a little memory of it…

“Is life an endless pursuit of happiness that keeps slipping away? And many of those, whom we know, do not even dream of happiness, but seek only to avoid suffering. And even in this, they do not succeed…

“Why are some people much better off and happier than others? What does the fate of a person depend on? And can it be changed?

“Why would God not immediately create a perfect material world with perfect people in it? Why do so much suffering and hardship befall most people?”

… The Master waited for a while, as if waiting for the traces of the question’s sounds to completely disappear in the silence. Then he started talking:

“In an attempt to briefly answer you about the meaning of life, I will say this: a human soul lives on the Earth to become the Perfect Love. And by doing this, such a soul becomes One with its Creator. It finds the Unity with Others Who have attained the Perfection and now live in the Ocean of Divine Love.

“And now let’s try to understand this in more detail.

“God has created a unique Creation! Every particle in it exists to help in the development and improvement of the souls embodied in it!

“And every human soul has a choice: to move on the path of development — or degradation. 

“Every soul has the opportunity to strive for the Divine Perfection. 

And there is no limit to this Perfection! 

“What is the essence of God — the Creator of all that is ‘manifested’, the Primordial Consciousness of the universe? It is Love, Wisdom, Creative Power, and Peace.

“The Primordial Consciousness is infinite. It consists of many Souls Who have achieved this Unity.”

 “What about fate? Does it not exist?”

“It exists.

“The experience of the past earthly lives of each soul and their outcomes determine the possibilities and specific tasks for life and development in each new body.

“The fate of a person at birth in a new body is not completely predetermined. It is similar to a plan or scheme on a map, where different roads, paths, obstacles, and straight segments of the path are marked. There are so many possible options for moving forward or backward, wandering around, or even moving in a circle. There are significant key points on such a scheme-map, which are desirable for a person to successfully pass by making his or her right choice at these forks.

“Every soul, which is born in a new body, receives not just a body but also such a card of fate.

“We can say that the meaning of human life consists in moving forward as successfully as possible on this path of self-development, by performing the tasks for the accumulation of wisdom and strength, and for the development of creative abilities and selfless love.

“Passing parts of the Path successfully allows a soul to get stronger and grow through the passage of difficulties and trials, and also allows one to develop the ability to love and help others.

“The one, who seeks only to ‘snatch for oneself’, creates, though this, new obstacles for oneself in one’s future life. But the one who lives, helping others on his or her path, is at an advantage!

“Having fulfilled all the tasks of one’s personal study for the sake of spiritual development, a person then goes beyond the need to be born again in this world. But this cannot be achieved in just one earthly life in the human body, but in many. Having attained the Perfection, man merges with the One Divine Consciousness — the Creator, the Father and the Mother of all that exists. 

“But sometimes, Those, Who Have Attained, reincarnate on the Earth again — for the sake of helping incarnate people.”

Excerpt from Conversations with Kayr. (Additional conversations with Kayr and materials about Him are presented on the website,

~Anna Zubkova, M.A., Russia

Excellence Reporter 2019 Copyright ©Anna Zubkova

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