Dr. Vladimir Antonov: The Meaning of Life… Merging with the Heart of the Absolute

vladimir-antonovExcellence Reporter: Dr. Antonov, what is the meaning of life?

Vladimir Antonov: For me, this question is not one which is “idle” or has “no answer”, as is sometimes said. 

I’m 72 now. But I had already started thinking deeply on this subject when I was just in my student years. 

And then, I became a biologist and worked for many years in biology, medicine, and psychology. In particular, I had the opportunity to become a developer and author of two important areas of modern science: a) the system of psychical self-regulation, which uses the knowledge about the chakras and other energy structures of the organism, and b) the methodology of spiritual development. (Further information on this subject and on many other related subjects can be found on the website

So, very briefly, the meaning of human life consists in the conscious improvement of oneself (as a soul/consciousness) in qualitative and quantitative parameters — with the goal of ultimately achieving the Mergence with the Creator.

What does quantitative development mean? This signifies the direct growth of the “clot” of energy of an individual soul (consciousness): from miniature — to cosmic sizes. One of the main ways, in which the quantitative growth of the soul occurs, is through the transmutation of material food into the energy of the consciousness. To carry out the processes of such growth is not difficult, if one has the appropriate knowledge and methods of such work (including meditations on places of power, which have been specially selected for each initiation). 

But the qualitative aspect of self-transformation is much more important and time-consuming, it also requires enormous personal efforts. It consists of three components: ethical, intellectual, and also refinement.

The ethical component implies a careful, compassionate, and caring attitude to all kind forms of evolving life, including plants, animals, and people. Inflicting suffering on animals and killing them in order to satisfy selfish gluttony, or for the sake of an equally vicious whim to dress in the fur or leather stripped from their bodies — all of this is not compatible with true love and with the pretensions to spiritual progress.

A prerequisite for starting such a serious spiritual journey must be the acceptance of the concept of Love. God is Love — this fundamental formula was proclaimed on the Earth by Jesus Christ (1 John 4:8;4:16). 

It follows from this formula, in particular, that for the sake of personal perfecting also for the sake of the development of Divinity in oneself and rapprochement with the Creator, we must also strive to turn ourselves into unshakable Love.

The transformation of ourselves into Love — this call acquires a very concrete scientific understanding the nature of the human organism and the methods of its improvement. To understand this, the following provisions should be adopted:

1. An incarnate person is not a body but a soul (consciousness) living in the body and temporarily attached to the body.

2. Emotions are states of the soul (consciousness).

3. The organs, which are responsible for emotions, are the chakras (not the brain). In particular, the anahata chakra (the middle dantian), located in the chest, is responsible for different shades of the emotion of love. When fully formed within the body, the anahata fills the entire chest cavity in the region of the lungs. The development of this organ can be quickly and easily carried out by special psychoenergetic techniques in students who are ready for this. Then, the spiritual heart easily outgrows its bodily shell, and further human development occurs, namely, outside the body.

4. The development of oneself as a spiritual heart is the only way to come closer to the Creator, to cognize Him and Merge with Him.

Ethical self-correction of a person implies complete destruction in oneself — by methods of meaningful repentance and self-control — of all qualities of the soul that do not correspond to the principle of Love: i.e., anger in its various forms, violence, arrogance, self-admiration, selfish sexuality, and other manifestations of human egocentrism.

On the contrary, a person should cultivate love in every way in the aspects of caring, tenderness, readiness to give, not to take, and self-sacrifice for the sake of the evolutionary progress of others.

The ethical component of the development of man also implies the cultivation of love for the Creator and devotion to Him — with the gradual replacement of ego-centrism with God-centrism. 

But first, one must understand what God is. 

And then — through many stages of initiation into meditative techniques and the mastering them — a person consistently cognizes more and more subtle layers of the multidimensional Absolute and learns to Merge oneself with the Divine Consciousness residing there. Thus, one reaches the deepest layer — the Abode of the Creator — and flows into it like a drop flowing into the boundless universal Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness.

The development of the intellect involves three components: a) the enrichment of erudition, b) the creative component, and c) the ability to distinguish between true and false views. It is clear that the acquisition of these properties is favored by: education, an active variety of social activities to help other people in all good things, the study of the religious experience of many schools and denominations of the past and present, as well as one’s own practical spiritual experience.

The subtlety of the consciousness grows in man through the cultivation of the emotions of love, through attunement with the subtlest states of nature and with the corresponding works of art, also through the subtlest tenderness, the possibilities for which are created by harmonious sexual relations and the upbringing children.

And the organ of spiritual love, without which true love is impossible, is the spiritual heart.

One can speak of God in the Aspect of the Absolute — as of the Universal Macroorganism, Which is continuously evolving, i.e., multiplying Its Highest Perfection. It is multidimensional, i.e., It consists of layers with differing levels of subtlety-coarseness. The subtlest Layer is the Main Essence of the Absolute, Which is called by people in different languages as the Primordial Consciousness, the Creator, God-the-Father, Allah, Tao, Ishvara, Jehovah, Svarog, and by other words.

The Evolution of the Absolute is carried out through the creation of “islands” of matter in cosmic space, where — when there are appropriate favorable conditions — rudiments of souls are “sown”, which will grow in stages in plants, animals, and then in human bodies. Souls, which reach success in their development, first settle in paradise and then eventually enter into the United We of all the Perfect Ones in the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness.

Now do we understand why God needs us? 

We are the evolving parts of God-the-Absolute, which live for the sake of replenishing by ourselves (having previously developed ourselves) the Main and most Perfect Part of Him, Which is called by Himself as the Heart of the Absolute.

And that, which has been stated here, is not a hypothesis, but the real Path mastered by successful disciples of God.

Once again, our human task is to develop ourselves and to travel the Path from the Creation — to the Creator, in order to be integrated into the Primordial Consciousness, thereby enriching It with ourselves. This was the idea of God when He created the material world. 

Such is the meaning of our lives.


~Vladimir Antonov, Ph.D. (biology), Russia, is the first scientist-biologist who has extended the scope of his scientific interests to non-material forms of life, including God in His various Manifestations. He is not only a theorist, having carefully studied all the historical background, but he is also a spiritual practitioner who has successfully combined the knowledge gained from God — with his own practical experience of cognition of Him.

Vladimir Antonov has achieved the complete success on this subject, has published dozens of books, as well as produced many films with his lectures. Many of these materials have been translated into different languages.

He and his fellow-helpers — during tens of years of hard work and with numerous hostile attacks from the side — have succeeded in creating a new branch of modern science: Methodology of Spiritual Development.

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