Llyn Cedar Roberts: The Meaning of Life… our deeper task

IMG_6689Excellence Reporter: Llyn, what is the meaning of life?

Llyn Cedar Roberts: The deeper task of life on Planet Earth is to nourish our relationship with the conscious intelligent force that lives in the land and trees and stones and flows through the waterways, and all of the natural world as well as the air and cosmos – this is the same intelligent force that also lives in our own breath, body, bones, blood and heart.

As we respect and heal our relationship with the natural world, we reclaim a deep sense of belonging with the Earth. In doing so, we remember who we are. And, why we are here.

We see that meaning is abundant in what we give our loving attention and energy to. The web of life we are inseparable from overflows with nourishment and meaning.

We just have to engage and honor it.


~Llyn Cedar Roberts is a celebrated teacher. She’s the award-winning author of numerous books including Speaking with Nature, co-authored with Sandra Ingerman. She founded the nonprofit organization, the Olympic Mountain Earth Wisdom Circle, encouraging a sacred and responsible relationship with the Earth.

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