Devon Loftus: The Meaning of Life… just to be me — fully

poppi-7298Excellence Reporter: Devon, what is the meaning of life?

Devon Loftus: As a 29-year-old homebody who currently lives on the road, I find inspiration in the grounding, in-between moments. The ones that often times are a result of genuine conversation, quiet hours, soft pink sunsets and laughter. Duality has always been an element of life that I enjoy and am intrigued by — if I had a choice to be happy or sad for the rest of my life, I’d choose neither, opting for both in varying degrees at random times.

This choice came to me as a child and I remember intuitively understanding that this is what being alive was about. Experiencing to the fullest, especially where feelings were involved. Emotions and the experiences that went along with them became my friends, teaching me about my heart and my capabilities. It introduced me to nature, relationships and the endless possibilities life gifted me on any given day.

Of course this didn’t come without challenges or lessons. At times, I found myself so tangled up in an emotion or several of them that I felt like my limbs were trapped in a big rubber band ball — no movement, no escape and complete defeat. Sometimes, the opposite would occur and I’d open my eyes only to realize I’d been floating, numb-like, in a cave with black out shades as a means of survival. But in these times I met feelings and characters such as Surrender, Faith and Resilience. And they always welcomed me with open arms.

When I take my last breath and meet my God, Goddesses and loved ones, I do believe that my meaning on Earth was just to be me — fully. To meet every scar, every perfection, every fear and hope and dream and leap — every experience — with all of me. To live by my values, to be kind to others, and to truly love myself through it all. At the end of the day, we always have that choice. And what a worthy endeavour that is.


~Devon Loftus founder of Moon Cycle Bakery, a one-of-a-kind hormone-supportive natural sweet treat delivery service. Loftus launched Moon Cycle Bakery in 2017 with the goal of helping people regain their sense of self-care, and to help others find support during cycles that can be challenging and alienating. Recipe development is a team effort between Loftus and her team of experts, which include nutritionists, herbalists and acupuncturists. Each ingredient is carefully selected to ensure maximum support of the female body during their time of the month. Treat delivery is synced up to customer’s cycles and arrives at ones doorstep at the perfect moment.

“We care; we don’t make claims,” explains Loftus. “Moon Cycle Bakery is a small team of people who genuinely care about the well being of others, our bodies, and the knowledge that continues to support it. We all take the time to read studies, discuss recipes with experts, and collaborate with high-quality, integrity driven brands.”

Where did the idea come from? During Devon’s “west coast bachelorette party,” her now husband, Brian, walked into the bar with a homemade 3 tiered chocolate cake with cookie dough icing and chocolate ganache. Devon’s friend tapped Brian on the shoulder and said, “I just needed to tell you, this is the best thing I have ever eaten. And I don’t know if it’s because I’m about to get my period or not, but I almost cried.” Needless to say, Devon was completely in love with such an honorable and real reaction and with a huge smile Devon assured her: “Don’t worry, Summer, we’ll bring you a slice every month.”

Prior to launching her own business, Loftus worked for a women’s lifestyle website, and experienced the fast-passed life of the fashion industry. She started her own clothing line, which taught her how to collaborate, find factories, build a team, understand profit, and more. During this period Loftus battled a variety of severe health issues, triggered by work stress. She quickly realized the traditional 9-5 route was not conducive to her creativity and health, and learned how crucial self-care is. Loftus has a B.A. in Creative Writing and Journalism, and studied product development at FIDM.

In her spare time Devon works on her book, practices yoga (she is also a certified instructor), and enjoys connecting with nature.

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