Raphaelle Tamura: Your Life as an Avatar

Raphaelle & Shanti by Lake CloseupExcellence Reporter: Raphaelle, what is the meaning of life?

Raphaelle Tamura: This question brings to mind the classic cartoon image of an earnest spiritual aspirant breathlessly climbing to the top of a mountain in order to ask an old, bemused Master who quips something funny or ironic. This image makes me smile!

I always considered myself a rather “ordinary girl” with unusual and oft-times unappreciated abilities – which I was later able to develop into my psychic counseling and spiritual practices. As I gave readings to perhaps thousands of people over the many years of my reading career, I made an important discovery about the meaning of life. I found that each soul incarnates into the dense physical plane because here – and all over this entire universe – is a highly sophisticated, structured “created system” which is really a school for souls who are each growing and desiring, at their highest levels, to become more aware and awake and to understand who they really are. It is a long, courageous hero’s journey.

Life here is not unlike the youngster who finds himself centered in the world of video gaming. They connect with people from all over the world for a “virtual experience” of play, community, fun and connection.

Gaming is just like coming to live a life on earth. Some of these gamers never meet their playing partners in-person but they know them well in their virtual world where they meet, sharing camaraderie, having wars, “killing” one another, falling in love (or hate) and experiencing numerous other things. Their “avatars,” as they are called, or characters they chose to play, whether they are a “good guy,” a “bad girl” a “creature” or something else altogether is who they get to be in each gaming experience. Each gamer CHOSES their “avatar” It’s interesting that an “avatar” is a “Divine Being” by definition. Is it by accident that the characters played were dubbed “avatars”? Players also chose the qualities and types of challenges and life experiences they would like to have as that avatar. The gamers, of course, are one step removed from their avatar, but some players, at times, literally “become” their characters while they are playing. Sound familiar?

When we as souls chose to come to this dimension, it is much like those gamers. In fact I feel that everything invented here on the earth plane is a kind of imitation to what goes on in the heavenly planes. So if our bodies, for instance, are our avatars, then we must also chose the kind of life – including family (or lack of), body, personality and challenges we need to have to learn something while we are here, or it is kind of a waste to even bother incarnating. Challenges are had, lessons are learned and it doesn’t even ultimately matter if the life had a happy ending or a sad, incomplete one, though of course we all want our stories to have a happy ending. Ultimately, it is all about learning and growing as souls.

Even though we often complain about how hard it is to be here, our souls or “higher selves” are delighted with our progress – and agonize when we get stuck and don’t feel like we are progressing. Either way, we work hard to make it through one more difficult experience, including heartbreaks, tragedy, lost love or friendships, lost jobs, financial and family challenges, health issues, accidents and so much more. If one is also aware it is all an illusion (not unlike the virtual worlds of video gamers), or a dream as all the Masters of old have said all along, if you can keep this in mind every time you go through one more difficulty (or enjoy one more joyful or ecstatic experience) – we know that the “operators” of these bodies are actually located somewhere else along with being partially here, much like the avatar in a video game contains the essence of the person running it, though the person isn’t really there and doesn’t really run it 24/7 – the avatar operator needs a break now and then, too! Here we call this “sleep” or “death” – or even “a chance to return or reincarnate as a different person or personality.”

So it is my perception that the meaning of life as we know it in bodies, is a school, a place of learning. This “school” is “sensational” – it fills the senses the “avatar” (you, as a body) experience as part of the learning and experiencing process. It is how YOU, the operator of that body, handles the experience that will let you move forward to your next, more difficult level of learning – or having to repeat it.

Eventually, as you take on every possible avatar personality and experience that your soul ever felt it needed or desired – you discover things about yourself you never knew – that either needs to be validated or corrected if you are to continue on your “path of learning.” The avatar has numerous seen and unseen “helpers” along the way (spiritual guides, teachers, sages, signs and other guidance) – and as the seeker moves along his or her path, their ultimate learning and consequential “graduation” back to the place he/she never left allows them to become an Awakened One, one who is willing and ready to merge back into the Oneness to become the true Avatar that they are, unfettered by desires to ever be separate again.


~Raphaelle Tamura
For 35 years, Raphaelle Tamura, a renowned clairvoyant, spiritual healer and teacher has been helping clients throughout the world. Along with her on-going private practice with individual clients and teaching spiritually and metaphysically-oriented classes through TeleSeminars & Retreats. Raphaelle is Co-Founder and COO of Seraphim at Mt. Shasta which she runs with her husband Michael Tamura, also a well-known spiritual teacher and author of You Are the Answer. Seraphim at Mt. Shasta is the main corporate entity through which all of the Tamuras’ spiritual teaching, healing and media business flows. Raphaelle is President, Editor-in-Chief and “backbone” of Michael Tamura Seminars, along with its successful publishing arm – Star of Peace Publishing and also the Founder of Seraphim at Mt. Shasta Online and Traveling Store, which are both presently being updated.

In addition to running her on-going businesses, and spiritual work, Raphaelle discovered she has the ability to communicate with animals, both domestic and wild. Her love and deeper understanding of the spiritual workings of animals has inspired her to write a book, yet to be published whose working title is Shanti’s Life: The Extraordinary Story of Animal Reincarnation about her own beloved dog. In the book, Raphaelle shares her profound experiences with a dog soul, who has returned to be her faithful companion for the third time over the course of her present lifetime. Raphaelle is also working on an anthology of miracle stories as well as other book projects.

She presently lives in Mt. Shasta, California, with her husband, Michael Tamura and two sibling feline companions, Mystic and Merlin. (Shanti, her Great Pyrenees dog, passed away at the very old age of 14.5 years in April of 2017. She has already appeared to Raphaelle in her dream-state to let her know she will be returning, including what kind of a dog she plans on being.)

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