Chandanni Miglino: The Meaning of Life and the Great Human Conflict

Chandanni68813 small 3Excellence Reporter: Chandanni, what is the meaning of life?

Chandanni Miglino: There is no meaning to life as it exists. We are the ones who give it meaning. We are essentially born into a senseless and meaningless world and through ritual, ceremony and culture we create and define meaning and give our lives purpose.

If each human being can move into the world being able to discover the world and who they are freely, then meaning can flower and occur so naturally for us. We can all move into creativity and alignment and revelation, designing a world around us filled with great purpose and significance. It is when we are indoctrinated or alienated or forced to conform that we may lose sight of the meaning of life or not understand how or what we are giving meaning to.

There is a great conflict within humanity and that conflict exists when we are born. We are confronted with moving into self-awareness and this process creates crises we have come to know as the ego. Ego identity is not in itself unhealthy because it establishes us in the world. We are here to declare, I am. This identification with being in the world is known as the ego. The ego establishes the self in this dimensional and phenomenal reality. The crises begin when we move into questioning our significance or purpose as it relates to the outside world. What am I in the world? Who am I? For what reason do I exist? These are all existential questions that arise in each of us in different ways and at different times.

Regardless of our spiritual belief systems or philosophical understanding we each come to a place where we are moved to self-actualize who we are as it relates to the world we live in. Meaning is the passageway to cultivating our lifestyle. It is the backbone of building character and the foundation for all self-discovery. Meaning in a way comes to fruition as we grow into our lives and into our own being.

When we come to define meaning for ourselves outside of our social and cultural conditioning then this crisis comes to an end. We see that meaning is self-perpetual and is based solely on creativity. We literally create meaning out of nothing. We give things value and meaning and purpose and the by-product of this is harmony, joy, fulfillment and discovery. It becomes the imprint of what we leave behind and the vision of what we design for the future. When meaning can come from this derivative based on intelligence, wisdom and balance, then we move into evolution and ascension. These attributes come from living within an integrated state of whole health, alive aware and vital.

When we are balanced, our actions are balanced, our thoughts are balanced, and our creativity exponential! We then can become a conduit for life to move through us. Meaning is then a by-product of action and intention and vice versa.

The meaning of life after all, has no meaning at all.


~Chandanni Miglino is the founder and CEO of Chandanni Organic Beauty & Wellness. Chandanni is an internationally known certified Yoga and Meditation teacher and a certified Ayurveda practitioner. She is the founder and facilitator of a detox platform, www.ChandanniLiverCleanse.com and also the Co-Founder of www.ChandanniScholarshipFund.org, a non profit organization bringing at risk youth to India where they experience diversity and mindfulness. She is a speaker, activist and wellness expert redefining the role of men and women today to become more happy, healthy and whole.

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