Raven Keyes: The Meaning of Life and Our Special Mission

raven headshot largeExcellence Reporter: Raven, what is the meaning of life?

Raven Keyes: I believe we are all encoded with a special mission we came into this life to fulfill – a mission we chose for ourselves long before we were ever born. As I see it, the meaning of life is to “remember” (or uncover) what that mission is, and to bravely put one’s feet on the path toward fulfilling it. The heart is the only guide we possess that remembers the truth of who we are and what we wish to accomplish as living beings. The heart is our North Star that will never lead us astray.

There are many ways to bring our mission into focus. For example, meditation can induce the necessary stillness in which we can access the imprint of goodness that resides at our core. Every one of us is imprinted with the love of the Universe from whence we came. We ARE that love and goodness, and we are here to share with others on this Earth the specific gifts we carry that live inside us.

Another way to remember is through receiving Reiki. I am a Medical Reiki Master and teacher. After 25 years of working with those who are seriously ill, I have witnessed first hand how the profound relaxation induced by Reiki can bring even a person facing illness into memory. My clients and I often discover that their dis-ease was brought on so they could stop and remember the meaning of their own life, and the mission they lost sight of during the challenges they faced just by living on this planet.

The world we currently live in does not always seem like a friendly place, so it really does require courage to put one’s feet on the chosen path to bring goodness and blessings to all living things. By asking our deepest Self and the divine love we came from for the courage and the wisdom we require, we can unlock the memory of why we are here and how to live a life of meaning.


~Raven Keyes, CMRM, RMT, is founder of Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International and author of the award-winning book, “The Healing Power of Reiki.” She is a Medical Reiki Master Teacher, certified hypnotherapist and guided meditation maven. Raven was the first to bring Reiki into the operating room of Dr. Mehmet C. Oz. and has been providing Reiki to patients before, during and after surgeries for more than two decades. In the world of professional sports, she introduced Reiki to athletes in the NFL and NBA.  Featured in national magazines such as “Vogue” and “W,” Raven was named “Best Reiki Master in New York” by New York Magazine and was televised as “New Yorker of the Week” for providing volunteer Reiki services for 8 ½ months after 9/11. In her second book, “The Healing Light of Angels” Raven describes the ways in which the spiritual beings called angels support her work.

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