Kat Farrants: The Meaning of Life — Just connect…

unspecified-6Excellence Reporter: Kat, what is the meaning of life?

Kat Farrants: The meaning of life is, for me, connection. My journey in this lifetime is all about the connection and connectivity of life. Everything that my dharma leads me to do is in acknowledgement of the importance of connection. That connection is to a greater understanding and compassion with myself, but also a realisation that connectedness is the only true meaning of my existence.

It is no accident that yoga has always been an integral to my life. I discovered yoga at the age of 18, and at that age, I didn’t realise within my body what the meaning of my yoga practise was. In fact it took decades of just enjoying various inexplicable feelings in my body and spirit that yoga brought me, to truly know what the meanings of these seemingly magical connectors firing off were. I now know that the magic of the feeling of yoga is because there is a special alchemy in the practice of union. By moving consciously and in this way, we somehow are able to find a way to find union, to find connection with our body our breath, with our centre, our spirit. Our lost and lonely egos are able to find a home within ourselves. And this union within ourselves is mirrored by the deep peace brought about by recognising and realising our union with every other thing in the world.

I have long suspected that we are not separate beings from one another or from each atom in the world just instinctively. But it was yoga that gave me the knowledge that this was true, and when I was able to feel that within my body, as well as understand it intellectually, it felt so powerful.

The reason why I am so keen to share the practices of conscious breathing and movement in the form of yoga is because I believe that if folks even have a taste of this divine unity of the world, everyone would make really different decisions in their own lives and for the future of the planet. And of course, there are times, moments, days, when I lose the connection. And that makes all the difference to the quality of my decisions, my thoughts and feelings, and that’s how I know how differently we react when we have the connectedness to when we don’t.

This is why my daily practice is so important to me, and why it’s necessary – to keep the right connectivity. When the connectivity is gone, Somehow when the connection is lost, I can feel it, it feels like a sadness, an aloneness, and then the apparently external events of life will have a different quality. Things don’t seem to ‘click’ into place, doors shut, opportunities stop presenting themselves. That’s how disconnect resonates in the world. When disconnect is felt between me and others, it’s the same thing, it’s a shutting down. With other people – the same things happen. There’s a loss of understanding, a communication breakdown and something that feels as tangible as a wall between me and others. I can see this happening between other people too, and of course, I see it happen all the time in how people treat themselves, one another, other countries, other creatures and the whole planet – sometimes with utter disregard and disconnect.

It’s really so beautiful to me, it’s so simple to get the practices that enable me to make those deep and very real connections that change absolutely everything and will change every decision and every opportunity and chance encounter. But as I well know, it’s easy to be lazy and flippant about how we live life, as if it didn’t have meaning!!

I feel very much the same way about my parallel love, which is of nature and in particular, my dogs. Being out in nature makes me sigh deeply, breathe easier, and the sense of deep connection to the whole world comes back. I love standing from a hilltop and seeing the world afar for perspective of the interconnectedness of life, but most of all, being in woodland, where all of life is right there and vibrant in so many layers and facets. I believe that if we all felt that feeling of connectedness, it would be impossible to not want to create more forests again with their many layers of life and connection. If in my life I have changed one person’s view through Movement for Modern Life, if I have expanded just one horizon to know and respect the natural world, then it has been worth it.


~Kat Farrants is a lifelong practitioner of yoga and Founder of Movement for Modern Life: Revolutionising Online Yoga. She Founded Movement for Modern Life to create an accessible way to get the practices of the best teachers to people in their own time in their own homes. She is also a writer, nature-lover, dog-lover and positive reinforcement dog trainer, competitor in competitive dog obedience and feminist as well as yoga teacher training faculty teaching the Business of Yoga and Yoga Editor of Psychologies magazine.

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