Elena Brower: The Meaning of Life is Gratitude


Excellence Reporter: Elena, what is the meaning of life?

Elena Brower: The meaning of life is gratitude; it’s all we take when we leave this earthly experience, as far as I can see… Here’s a recent thank you note, to Life, to Source, from me:

Thank you for granting us the language with which to call to you.
Thank you for inspiring us to use the words we have to own our part, light and dark,
to soften the edges and create contexts of kindness.
Thank you for making us available to receive the precious prizes of consciousness:
the insights and clarities, the steadiness and the humility that comes
when we are open and present to you.

Thank you for reminding us to continue the dialogue,
mediate the polarities,
modulate our doubts and strengthen our capacities.
This is how we are learning to savour times spent in states of awe.
This is how we mitigate confusion long enough to remember to stumble,
rise up and fall into this love again, love that widens, opens, and never ends.
But keeps beginning.

Thank you for my heart. Thank you for my Mom.
Thank you for my song. Thank you for my wisdom.
Thank you for my wilderness. Thank you for my maturity.
Thank you for this silence.


~Elena Brower is a Mama, author, yoga teacher and speaker, influenced by several yoga traditions and recognized internationally for her expertise in offering practices for approaching our world with realistic reverence. She is the author of Art of Attention, a yoga workbook that has been translated into six languages and the creator of, a virtual home for yoga teachers worldwide. Her latest book, Practice You, A Journal, was released in fall 2017.

Elena is also an executive producer of On Meditation: Documenting the Inner Journey, a film that intimately explores meditation experiences. She’s contributed to the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, and Yoga Journal, and has been featured in the New York Times and on major network news channels. Experience Elena’s filmed practices on ​YogaGlo and her Audio Meditations here​.

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