Jenya T. Beachy: Life. Death is a Small Price to Pay

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What is the meaning of life?

Life is the choice you make after an eternity of oneness with the cosmos. Life is mortality, the knowing that, yes, you and everyone and everything you love will die. You (and all things) are precious for this very reason. You came into the body of flesh to enjoy a fine wine, a sweet kiss, a huge laugh. Death is a small price to pay for these pleasures!

You bring your life to LIFE when you are skillful and intentional with your words and deeds. When you recognize that none of us are ever done growing, changing, becoming softer in some ways and harder in others. When you understand that everything, the whole world, is a gift that has been given to you. And you are a gift that has been given to this world.

You must know your Self as necessary, wanted, called into being for the specific purpose of becoming all of who you are. The world requires your service, and also your joy. When you are centered in the knowing of yourself, the healing of yourself, you become more ready, willing, and able to help others orient toward their own joy and service. Just like on the airplane, you must put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others.

Life is a grand adventure! A harrowing tale of bliss and fear and opening to new experiences. And when your time here is through, when your life is over, you may return to your other home and reconnect with your family of spirit. Make popcorn and watch the video of your life, laughing and crying with your kinfolk. And then, when you are ready, choose again what Life you will have and how you will live it.”


~Jenya T. Beachy is a master of magicks and the author of The Secret Country of Yourself: Discover the Powerful Magic of Your Endless Inner World. For over 25 years, she has been exploring the old ways and forging new ones. She’s served on the Redwood Circles Council and the board of Community Seed Earth-Spirit Fellowship. Jenya is also the founder of the Deep Well-Great Heart Society, a service organization that focuses on increasing the flow of compassion and healing through all the worlds.

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