Advaita / non-duality

Brahman Zuna: What is the Meaning of Life?

28907898_10211318679218764_2082770636_nExcellence Reporter: Zuna, what is the meaning of life?

Brahman Zuna: There is no meaning of life, there is no meaning in life. That doesn’t mean that I am against life.

Life is an accidental phenomenon that is a projection of eternal Aliveness. And we should ask where this Aliveness comes from. Aliveness comes from Nothingness; Aliveness is self existent.

So, Everything is Innocence. A “child” that enjoys the Sense of being is the whole phenomenal reality. There is no right, no wrong, no good, no evil. Like a fire that burns everything, and not only the stuff we prefer, that is life. Nothingness remains. In the meanwhile Aliveness has enjoyed itself.


~Brahman Zuna is Nothing. You can see a hologram but you cannot see Reality. Reality is the invisible source of the illusion you call Everything.

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