Diana Palm: What is the Meaning of Life?

orig_33494_053The meaning of life is a unique expression of each individual soul. I believe we come to live a physical life so that we can grow spiritually and evolve through lessons, duality and the ability to overcome our shortcoming.

We spend the beginning of our life learning to evaluate, understand and survive in a reality created from our surroundings. As we go through life, we re-pattern those early experiences over and over as if that was the only reality. When we wake up and begin to grow spiritually, we realize that our version of life is an illusion and we spend the rest our life learning to free ourselves from it.

We begin to seek out inner connection so that we can master our emotions and thoughts and learn to create something new in our life experience. Many people are drawn to religion or various forms of spirituality to help them. Others seek healers to work with, delve into meditation, prayer or nature. It is as if we all intuitively know that there is something more and that we can tap into it for greater purpose and peace.

I believe that the truth of our existence is so much bigger and more beautiful than we could possibly ever imagine. That there is a divine energy of intelligence and love so deep and it runs through every living and non-living thing in creation. It connects us to one another and to all the situations and outcomes that we experience on earth, even the most painful ones. There is a master plan that was created to be changed…by us when we attain mastery of over our illusion. There is no judgment or timeline in which we have to complete it.

In working with countless individuals from every cultural background, I can tell you that the inner longings of every human are the same…we fear separation and long to feel complete love again. As we pursue love, sit in an energy of love and express love…we find our meaning.


~Diana Palm is a medium, author and spiritual healer who specializes in helping people overcome their painful past so that they can live life with more joy. She is available for private sessions by phone.

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