Sandra Kynes: The Meaning of Life–Look to the Quiet Moments

Sandra KynesExcellence Reporter: Sandra, what is the meaning of life?

Sandra Kynes: What is the meaning of life? I used to think that it was some deeply esoteric thing that required years or decades of study and meditation. I felt that it required a great thinker who could enlighten the rest of us because finding it on my own was way beyond my reach.

As I’ve grown older I have developed a different take on what life means. I don’t expect some great thundering revelation to occur. Instead, I think it comes in the quiet moments when I am most present with myself and my surroundings. It also tends to feel rather magical. I find the meaning of life:

  • When I realize the things that bring me true joy are the things I loved as a child;
  • In being five minutes from home after a white-knuckled drive in a snowstorm and seeing a snowy owl in the wild for the first time;
  • On the first warm day of the year when I open the windows and a soft sea breeze fills the room with a new freshness and the promise of summer;
  • While taking a break from paddling out in the bay and seeing seals trustingly sidle-up close to my son’s kayak. (I suspect he’s a seal whisperer.);
  • Sitting on the beach watching the curl of an ocean wave and knowing it is so unique that one exactly like it will never exist.

I think that life’s meaning can be found in quiet moments when epiphanies reveal the beauty of the world and my soul’s connection with everything. Although I believe that the meaning of life lies in its transience, it also exists when I have a sense of holding the strands that mark my place in the web of existence, which has touched all my ancestors and will touch all those who follow in the future.


~Sandra Kynes is the author of over a dozen books and a Pagan who follows a Goddess-centered path. She likes to develop creative ways to explore the world, and then integrates them into her spiritual practices and everyday life. These explorations and observations serve as the basis for her books. Sandra’s writing has been featured in Sage Woman, The Magical Times, The Portal, The World Ocean Journal, and Circle magazines, the Utne Reader and Magical Buffet websites, and various Llewellyn almanacs and online journals. She also blogs about plant magic.

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