Jenny Mannion: What is the Meaning of Life?

jenny book 3The meaning of life is to live
directly from our soul.
To fill our heart and days
with laughter from birth through when we are old.
We all have so many gifts to offer
discovered by tapping into our inner being.
When we truly connect within
life becomes light and freeing.
We need to love ourselves
even for our perceived weakness.
In loving our complete self; body, mind and soul
we uncover our priceless uniqueness.
We are meant to be kind to others
to live in community as one.
We all need food, love and shelter
we all survive because of the Earth and the Sun.
We are meant to celebrate nature
in all her inherent beauty.
Taking care of the animals, plants, trees and water
is our privilege and our duty.
We are meant to turn inward daily
turning off the noises that distract.
It is then we hear our inner self and whispers
teaching us to be present instead of react.
We have such vast knowledge and connection
it is available for us when we get quiet and ask
Life is a loving and supported journey
and should not feel like a daunting task.
In those quiet moments you will discover the true you
the passions you have point the way.
Life is meant to be lived fully in joy
waking up excited about each day!
Paying gratitude is crucial –
it is appreciation and love united.
It shows we notice the good in ourselves and our lives
Which creates the emotion of feeling delighted.
How we think and feel shapes our world
in each second we have the choice.
Choosing love, our passions, connectivity and gratitude
allows every single day to be an opportunity to rejoice!


~Jenny Mannion graduated from Penn State with a BA in psychology, always interested in how the mind worked and in helping others. Jenny found her passion for healing through her own journey and is now an intuitive healer, mind/body mentor, and an energetic catalyst who inspires people to connect with their inner power to create the life they desire. In her practice Jenny has seen clients heal from depression, cancer, MS and many other challenges. Jenny offers many free gifts to her subscribers including the first chapter of her book “A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform Your Life” and a free 9 minute guided meditation. Jenny conducts workshops, is a contributing blogger for The Huffington Post and was recently featured on PBS’s “The Whitney Reynolds Show”. Jenny has recently come out with her own healing modality “BE LIGHT Energy Healing” which is a self healing modality as well as one that will help others.

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