Melissa Harris: The Meaning of Life–Connecting Creativity and Spirit

melissa and painting 2Excellence Reporter: Melissa, what is the meaning of life?

Melissa Harris: I’m not sure that there is an “absolute” to this question. Life just is and those of you fortunate enough to be reading this article have certain amounts of freedom enough to give your lives the meaning you wish to project upon it.

Underneath it all I feel that we are here to learn to love unconditionally. I believe that we are guided by our souls and Source energy to find paths that can help us find our way to this. The paths are usually not easy but if we can trust and maintain a connection to God/Goddess/Source/Higher Power–whatever you wish to call it, hopefully we find our way.

As living beings, we are meant to learn to live in harmony and with respect for all life forms. Perhaps once we have learned these lessons our civilizations will change completely and evolve to one or ones with a higher frequency. In that case the meaning of life would take on a new definition!

My own way has been through the path of creativity. I always loved creating and my art has helped me through difficult times. It is the constant amidst the ebb and flow of change. My passion for creating gives me the enthusiasm to begin my day. My painting is the main thread in the matrix of my life. Beyond that I have loved supporting others to develop their own strong connection to their creative process. In helping others find their way in this, it is my hope to expand the web of self acceptance and joy that could contribute to a more loving world.


~Melissa Harris is a Fulbright Scholar, internationally published artist and author, and offers a unique combination of highly experienced artistic technique with a strong intuitive capability. Her book, “99 Keys to a Creative Life” published by Llewellyn Worldwide, combines creativity with spirituality and is on the publisher’s best seller list. 99 Keys offers solutions to helping everyone access more of their own creative potential in everyday life.

Melissa has been teaching art classes and leading retreats since 1991. A born traveler, she enjoys integrating the beauty and uniqueness of different locations into the content of any given workshop. Her favorite way to vacation is to document her travels in paint. Her Art and Spirit Retreats to Sacred Sites are a great way to combine art and spirit.

Melissa is the owner of Creatrix, a company featuring her imagery on cards, card decks, calendars and more since 1990. Her reproductions can be found on products and in stores worldwide.

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