Skye Alexander: The Meaning of Life–Why Are We Here on Planet Earth?

skye05At some time or other, most of us have probably wondered why we’re living on Planet Earth and what we’re supposed to do while we’re here. Is our existence here more than pure chance, and if so, what does it all mean?

One popular idea likens earth to a school and suggests we come here to learn. Certainly we do learn a great deal between birth and death, and we grow through dealing with the challenges that confront us during our lifetimes. Whether we consciously choose to undertake these lessons before incarnating, in order to accomplish specific goals, and whether what we learn now will benefit us in future existences, however, remains a matter of debate––as does the whole concept of reincarnation.

Personally, I agree with the earth-as-school theory. I also think we come here to create, to bring ideas from the world of spirit into the manifest realm where we can test them. But the most important reason for embarking on an earthly existence is to convey love to our planet and to all beings who abide here.

All spiritual traditions teach love and exhort us to love one another. Spiritual traditions also speak of higher planes where unconditional love exists as the natural order of things. People who have undergone near-death experiences describe entering, albeit briefly, a place of profound love where they felt totally accepted and at peace, a place they often call “home”–and they frequently emerge from their NDEs with a radically transformed understanding of the meaning of life and a powerful sense of purpose.

In my opinion, each of us brings this unconditional, all-encompassing love with us when we incarnate on earth. We carry it, wrapped in our hearts like a precious gift–which it is–to bestow on all beings here. Unfortunately, once we assume physical forms we tend to get caught up in the strife, fear, and turmoil around us. Our vision becomes blinkered and we forget the magnificent plan we once held to succor the world’s wounds.

And yet, I believe that we cherish within us the knowledge of our primary purpose. The meaning of existence may become clouded at times, but it’s never eradicated. At our cores, we know why we’re here and why it matters. We’re attracted to love the way moths are drawn to flames–and we express it in countless ways, every day, often without giving it a thought. We offer love and kindness every time we help a physically challenged individual reach something on the top shelf at the supermarket; when we feed a hungry animal; when we listen with compassion to a friend in need; when we smile and say “good morning” to a lonely person. These small acts give meaning to our lives–they are the meaning of life. Sharing love is our purpose, our gift, what sustains and enriches us as well as the world around us.

Love is the answer to every question and the solution to every problem. As the Beatles’ reminded us, “Love is all you need.”


~Skye Alexander is a seeker, teacher, and author of more than 40 books including The Modern Guide to Witchcraft and Find Your Goddess.

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