Tisha Morris: The Meaning of Life and the Concept of “Enjoyment”

Tisha_023Excellence Reporter: Tisha, what is the meaning of life?

Tisha Morris: If you were to have asked me this question a few years ago, I would have said the meaning of life is for spiritual growth, evolution, or to learn lessons. But today I would say the meaning of life is to enjoy life. Of course, enjoying life isn’t easy.

Just like making happiness a goal, enjoying life is a loaded concept. What brings enjoyment varies from person to person. Knowing what brings you enjoyment can be a lifelong quest and perhaps only realized upon death. To make this pursuit even more challenging is the fact that enjoyment and happiness are rather newer concepts to our old reptilian brain where survival was the meaning of life.

We are now at a new point of our evolution where we can seek more enjoyment than ever before. You can see this play out in our relationships where we marry for love and happiness rather than need and dowry. Also, in our jobs, meaningfulness, creativity, and self-expression are on a level playing field with money to pay the bills.

For me, finding enjoyment means aligning myself with people, places, and situations that bring about peace and satisfaction that are a win for me, a win for those people closest to me, and a win for the collective. It might also include chocolate.


~Tisha Morris is a best-selling self-help author, feng shui expert and a trained interior designer, life coach, energy healer, and yoga instructor. She is the founder of Earth Home School of Feng Shui, the host of Feng Shui Your Life podcast and creator of the original Smudge Spray®.

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