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Robert Adams: What is the Meaning of Life?

10978704_528986460574789_7486073367658745616_nQ: Robert, what is the meaning of life?

R: Life has no meaning whatsoever. It doesn’t mean a thing. Those of you who are running around trying to make things happen are making a terrible mistake. Everything has been preordained. Everything is happening according to a divine plan. Everything that is supposed to happen to your body will happen by itself.

Life has no meaning. The real reason it has no meaning is because it doesn’t exist the way it appears to exist. There is no life that really exists. The world does not exist, the universe does not exist. You do not exist as you appear to be. So life is meaningless.

Any questions about, “What am I doing here?” Who says you’re here? First you believe you’re here and then you want to know the meaning to life. What you really mean by asking that question is, “How can I get everything I want in this world?” That is what you really mean. How can I obtain and maintain the things I desire? Riches, houses, cars, all the things of this world. Then you think life will be meaningful to you. It will only give you more suffering and more pain. Realize life is meaningless. Only the Self exists and you are that. You’re all-pervading, absolute reality. You are pure consciousness, this is your real Self. You have never been anything else but That, and that’s it.

What is the meaning of life? Who am I? You are the very answer to these questions. Make your life very simple. Do not be too profound. Do not go looking to teachers and thinking they have a special answer for you. There is no special answer, there is no special teachings. Everything you’re looking for is within yourself. Where else would it be? What you are today is a result of all your thinking, throughout the years, through many lifetimes. Your belief system has created the body that you need right now for your next step in evolution. This is why I always say, “You are in your right place. There are no mistakes. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.” If you don’t like where you are, look within yourself.

No-one can really give you anything for you are the power. There is no power apart from you. Be happy always. Feel the freedom. Feel the bliss. Inquire who you are. The answer will come by itself. Inquire, “What am I doing here? Where did I come from? What am I?” Do not be disturbed by events in this world. Do not take life so seriously. Be of service to humanity. When you see people suffering, help. Come to the aid of the homeless, the poor, the sick. When you realize there is only one who are you helping but yourself. To whom are you giving service but yourself, who is benefitting but yourself.

Be kind, be loving, everything else will take of itself. You are the one, the holy one, the mighty one, the true one, the loving one. Go within your heart right now. Dive deep within the heart centre and lose yourself entirely.

The spiritual heart centre is on the right side of the chest. See a sphere of golden light in the heart center, a sphere of beautiful golden light, throbbing. See this globe of white light, golden light expanding, expanding throughout the whole universe. Where all of the planets, galaxies, everything are superimpositions on this golden globe of light. Everything is an image on this light. Like the image on the screen. This light is like boundless space. It accommodates the whole universe. Everything is in this light. Nothing is left out.

Understand that you are the light. The light is you, the Self. The imperishable Brahman. The ultimate reality, nirvana. The I-am that I-am, that is the nature of this golden light. See all the images disappearing and only the light remains. Feel this light as yourself. You are filled with joy, filled with bliss, with happiness. You are now the true Self and there are no others. Feel this deeply. Feel this bliss, this love, this joy, pulsating within, without you. All of your past has been wiped out. There never was any room for a past or a present or a future. There is just the one mighty Self, expressing itself as consciousness and you are that!


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~Excerpts from Robert Adams: Collected Works

Excellence Reporter 2017

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  1. “Only the Self exists and you are that. You’re all-pervading, absolute reality. You are pure consciousness, this is your real Self.” People who hide behind abstract concepts such as ‘the Self’, ‘absolute reality’, and ‘pure consciousness’, typically suffer from unresolved feelings of guilt and shame, and don’t really want to know who they are.


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