Master Mu: The Meaning of Life and Sharing the Supreme Power of Loving Qi

Cathy MuExcellence Reporter: Master Mu, what is the meaning of life?

Master Cathy Mu: The Meaning of Life, to me, is SHARING How to Master Qi (Vital Energy Flow) to live a fulfilled and meaningful life. Once you have learned how to align your own Qi with the Divine Energy Flow, you can achieve anything you want in life with ease and fun, including vibrant health, radiant beauty, happy relationships, and abundant wealth, and you can enjoy life to the fullest while helping others with your knowledge, wisdom, and skills, spreading love and joy around, and making the world a much better place for all.

It all started when I was only six years old. We received the worst news: My beloved mother was diagnosed with a late stage cancer. After trying all medical treatments without success, the doctors said that my mom had 3 months to live. My mom was a very kind, wise, strong, funny, loving, selfless, and intelligent school teacher who was always so busy helping others. She kept asking the doctors: “My youngest little girl is only six! How can I die before my kids have grown up?” As my sisters and I were crying our eyes out waiting in terror for mom’s last day, Dr. Pang, an amazing Qi Gong master who was also a medical doctor, came to my hometown to teach Qi Gong classes. With the hope for a miracle, my mom went to his classes…… Within a few weeks, I noticed that mom’s back seemed to have sprung up completely straight from being ninety-degree bent over, and her face turned from ghostly white to rosy pink. She looked so beautiful again! The next thing I knew was that the doctors said it seemed that my mom was not going to die soon after all as her test results came back normal. Then she was not only completely healed, but also became an enthusiastic Qi Gong teacher helping thousands with their healing from various health problems……

My mother’s journey from near-death to complete recovery taught me the miraculous healing Power of Qi Gong. Determined to help others in the same way Dr. Pang helped my mom, I seized every opportunity to study with several great Qi Gong masters (while doing well at school as a top student all the way from elementary school to college, which made my parents very proud). I am forever grateful to all my wonderful teachers. Later I moved to the USA for higher education and then started my career as the trusted CPA for many wonderful clients helping them achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

In 2008, at Berkeley, California, USA, I met a top Qi Gong Grandmaster from China whose teaching reached and healed millions. I soon became one of his school’s passionate volunteers and certified instructors. Shortly thereafter, while devoting much time and energy to serving and helping others altruistically, without expecting anything in return, I developed extrasensory faculties and powerful healing abilities.

On 10/10/2010, my teacher announced to the public that I had been selected as a new Qi Gong Master after passing a series of rigorous tests, even though I didn’t even know that I was being tested. Later my teacher told us some of the tests were purity of the heart, power of extrasensory abilities, effectiveness of teaching style, level of integrity, respect for all beings, ability to see goodness in others and inspire a team as a leader, wisdom and capability to energetically resolve conflicts and harmonize the surroundings, and interest in serving and caring for others.

Ever since then, I have been teaching many classes, leading workshops, and speaking at conferences. I have also shared Qi Gong practices and offered Energy Healing Transmissions to the public on radio and TV shows, which generated miraculous results in greater health, happier relationships, and more abundance and prosperity for the audience. Students can attend my classes remotely via livestreaming. For instance, many students from locations far way worldwide, such as other states in the US, and other countries including India, Canada, Mexico, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Australia, Brunei, Malaysia, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, and United Arab Emirates, have reported transformational and powerful healing from attending my classes remotely. All they need is Internet connection and a computer or tablet.

Most people who are familiar with Qi Gong know that properly managing the flow of Qi can help us regain health and feel good, but not many people connect Qi with Abundance. I came to this great realization from a Divine Download. After being chosen as a Qi Gong master, smart business consultants came to advise me that I should not have two jobs (as a CPA and a Qi Gong master) as the two professions had nothing in common and I must choose one over the other so I could “focus” on one thing. I was not sure what to do at first as I loved helping people in both ways and had been told that I was excellent at both roles so I asked the Divine during a deep meditation how I should move forward. Then I received the Guidance loud and clear: “Everything is Qi. Qi is in Everything. Money is also a very strong Qi. It can either help a person do great things or become an obstacle to a meaningful and fulfilled life. People need to learn how to master the Energy of Money so they can live life to the fullest and have abundance to share with others. Why don’t you combine what you know about Qi as a Qi Gong master and what you have learned about Money as a CPA and start teaching people how to harness Qi to attract abundance and prosperity? With your background and knowledge, you are the best teacher to bridge the two areas and teach people how to master the Energy of Money.” Right away, I started to teach a workshop entitled “Enlightened Abundance: The Secret to Prosperity and Happiness Beyond the Law of Attraction”. Frankly, I wasn’t sure what kind of results it would generate. With Qi Gong for health and happiness, I had become used to the fact that students would always receive amazing healing results from every class, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But with money? What if they don’t receive anything? I was quite concerned before the very first workshop on Abundance and Prosperity. To my pleasant surprise, immediately students started to report fantastic results such as unexpected new clients, bonuses from work, generous gifts from people, promotions, sizzling romantic relationships, healing of stubborn diseases, and more. Yes, even at the Abundance Workshop, health issues and relationship problems were also healed since abundance is never just about money, but about everything. Right?

The success of the first workshop on Enlightened Abundance gave me great reassurance that the Divine Download was accurate so I should continue following the Guidance to include more teaching on the Energy of Money. I have been teaching on this subject many more times by now, each time with great success. I try to balance the needs of all students by keeping my returning students engaged with fresh new content each time and keeping the basic core information for the interest of new students. And yes, students from each workshop reported more abundance stories with great excitement, which brought so much joy to my heart. I’m eternally grateful to the generosity of the Divine.

This work has shown me what it feels like to be detached from ego. Many students keep saying what a great teacher I am. To me, I’m more of a good learner who loves to share valuable things with others so they can also achieve their important goals in life. Since I am lucky enough to have discovered how to master Qi for health, beauty, abundance, and happiness, of course, I’m not going to keep the Divine Gift to myself as a secret, but to keep sharing with the world. The more people get healthier, happier, and more abundant, the greater the “energy field” of the Earth will become, the better off we all will be. We are indeed all brothers and sisters regardless of the differences in color, race, origin, nationality, or religious or spiritual background as we are all children of Mother Earth. It’s time to replace the old paradigm of competition based upon fear and scarcity with the new paradigm of collaboration based upon love and abundance. It is my honor and joy to share the Supreme Power of Loving Qi.


~Master Cathy Mu is a highly respected Qi Gong master and a teacher of holistic self-healing and self-empowerment practices at PureBeautiful Healing Foundation in the San Francisco Bay Area. Recipient of “the Master of the Year 2016 For Health Qi Gong“, from the 17th World Congress on Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2016, and “the Community Service Award of the Year with Qi Gong Excellence”, from the 15th World Congress on Qi Gong & Traditional Chinese Medicine held in 2013, Master Mu is dedicated to sharing proven ways to abundance and beauty through teaching and group healing, in person, and through her online programs. Master Mu is known as the “Abundance Qi Gong Master”. She is currently offering two Monthly Empowerment Programs: Program 1 is on Mastering Qi for Vibrant Health, Ageless Beauty, and Total Happiness. Program 2 is on Mastering Qi for More Prosperity & Abundance. You can apply to join the programs. No more driving is needed.

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