Danielle Dulsky: The Meaning of Life and the Majestic Power of Creativity

DanielleDulsky1_cExcellence Reporter: Danielle, what is the meaning of life?

Danielle Dulsky: The meaning of life is creative expression.

Our three-fold task is to seek out our own, unique, wild truth, burn through any obstacles to our expression of that truth as feverishly as possible, and, even when all else fails and we are entrenched in our soul’s darkest night, continue to howl that truth moonward as loudly as our limited, human voice will allow.

Creativity is the practice of giving the gods a new shape and a new name using our will, making good use of our gifts and our agency to birth our most sacred work into the world. We are divinity embodied in the soft skin of creative animals. We are magick. We are star-stuff. We cannot take our responsibilities lightly, for we are beholden to this majestic global community of ours.

Creativity is the brightly painted, oddly shaped bridge between our heavy, human body and the cosmic infinite, and, when we are hand-crafting something new out of the old, we are speaking the same language that builds planets and spins moons into orbit.

When we create, we are claiming our divine mandate, our holy birthright, as single, creaturely cells in the one, universal beating heart. When we create, in those moments when we are at once joyous with purpose and anguished with artistic intensity, we become precisely who we were meant to be.


~Danielle Dulsky, author of Woman Most Wild, is an artist, yoga teacher, energy worker, and founder of Living Mandala Yoga teacher training programs. She leads women’s circles, Witchcraft workshops, and energy healing trainings and lives in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

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Categories: Art, Awakening, Magick, Yoga

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