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Mukti Michael Buck: The Meaning of Life and Glorifying Being

14716183_10154723675034665_5847374110552363860_nExcellence Reporter: Mukti Michael, what is the meaning of Life?

Mukti Michael Buck: First of all thank you for the question. My brain goes to what is the purpose of life? and then I go to what is the purpose of purpose?

I know that I’m sidestepping the question this moment….here goes…. the meaning of life is to serve and to glorify being…specifically the supreme being. Yet we can also go, in response to the question what is the meaning of life, to that the meaning of life means nothing and that it means nothing that it means nothing.

However I must confess that as a younger guy I was with this ‘meaning of life’ question constantly to the degree that I surrendered my name, lifestyle, bank account, clothes, family association and everything including perhaps intelligence, to take formal initiation as an ordained monk with the Hare Krishna Movement. To feel this moment, the revelation of love and the natural intended evolution of being qualifies as a visceral response for me.

The meaning of life or the purpose of life… I need to repeat the question 108x…can I get back to you later?


~Mukti Michael Buck is the founder and director of the Vedic Conservatory. Deemed an architect of contemporary Vedic-style yoga massage, his 2007 induction into the World Massage Hall of Fame praised him for his career of unconditional loving service to humanity, as demonstrated through his many years of continuous traveling and teaching. Mukti is a celebrated authority and an accepted principal emissary of classical/contemporary Vedic Thai-Yoga Bodywork. A formally ordained Hare Krishna monastic, Mukti Buck has been instrumental in opening several yoga and meditation centers worldwide.

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