Chöje Lama Gelongma Palmo: The Meaning of Life and Being Deeply Happy

choje-lama-palmo1Excellence Reporter: Lama Gelongma, what is the meaning of life?

Chöje Lama Gelongma Palmo: The meaning of life is to be happy, truly and fully happy.

I don’t mean the shallow kind of happiness we are familiar with, rather a sound kind of happiness springing forth from deep within. This is what we call Buddha Nature in Buddhist terminology. It is who we really are – in essence, in our true being, the depths of our hearts, the marrow of our bones, unmasked and freed of all the many games and neuroses we usually pursue.

Just simply pure love, not in need of someone or something to be active. Sparkling love, unconditional clarity and naked awareness, spontaneously shining forth, touching and serving all that is and breathes. That to reveal and to unveil is Lord Buddha’s path, all the sacred methods of application, passed down from generation to generation, alive and full of blessing to awaken us from the deep sleep of indifference, into abundance.


~Chöje Lama Gelongma Palmo established Palpung Europe, The European Seat of The Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpas with various institutes. She travels widely and is loved for her sparkling warmth, explaining the dharma in an accessible way. She is involved in interreligious dialogue, social projects, authors books and more. H.H. Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa appointed her Chöje Lama (Lord of Dharma), as first woman and Non-Asian.

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