Sharmila Desai: The Meaning of Life… that Extends Beyond Language

4_11aExcellence Reporter: Sharmila, what is the meaning of life?

Sharmila Desai: In honest humility I find the meaning of life to be a mystery. I embrace the unknown for it nurtures us all to search and to strive in the world, embarking on a lifetime devoted to the pursuit of truth.

Life’s mysticism reveals itself as we seek it’s meaning. We are the artist in our own self portrait while at the same time we are humbled by a higher force pre-embedded within the design. In our search, continuous and omniscient, we have experiences that return us to the pulse of the present moment to the breathing quality that is all of life. In this unifying realization that we are the same and one, infinite and limitless, a tender sweetness shines forth. We connect with our heart feeling the presence of God everywhere.

The quest to find the answer starts at a source within. As we dive deeper into ourselves we begin to experience an interconnectedness to all around us – other people, animals, nature, the cosmos. A magical unfolding automatically happens from tapping into the divine energy that lives in us to that which exists everywhere and is eternal. From experiencing life’s interwoven nature we show our appreciation for the gift of life through service, compassion and gratitude.

The vastness of life’s essence and the glimpses we are able to grasp extends beyond language. It is in the simplicity of coming home to our body and breath, tuning into the original silence within, that we can begin to evoke an understanding on what the meaning of life is.


~Sharmila Desai is a mother, author, yoga practitioner and KPJAYI Certified Ashtanga yoga teacher. She comes from a matrilineal line of renowned Indian classical dancers and intellectuals who raised her with the importance of spiritual discipline and ancient art in contemporary daily life. On graduating from Columbia University, Sharmila was awarded the Henry Evans Fellowship to set up a dance program for street children in Mumbai, India. Believing in the importance of Seva as part of spiritual practice, she has also taught yoga therapy workshops internationally and runs a community garden at her children’s school.

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