Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD: The Meaning of Life and the Nature of Being

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Excellence Reporter: Dr. Jahnke, what is the meaning of life?

Dr. Roger Jahnke:

“Life is the local,
four dimensional manifestation
of mysterious aspects of ourselves
that can not be described and
that can not be perceived
through conventionally recognized
language or sensory means.”

Is life biological? Or, is it something that transcends biology into the realm of being? The sages and our emergent physics point to the multidimensional nature of being, including mind, consciousness, that takes up residence through mystery and miracle in a body with a character and an apparent history, in apparent time.

My favorite philosopher from around 2500 years ago — about 500 years before the common calendar — is Laozi-Laotze, who declared that words used to describe the nature of life and being but can not describe life and being. So, here we are doing what can not be done — describing life and being.

Most Shamanic systems, including Chinese philosophy and medicine, are based on this. When we cultivate deep awareness through Qigong, Tai Chi/Taiji, meditation, mindfulness, Yoga, we are observing these less obvious aspects of self.

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Life is the local, four dimensional manifestation — is it actual or apparent? — of aspects of ourselves that can not be described and that can not be perceived – through conventionally recognized language and sensory means. Another of the great sages, Zhuangzi-Chuangtze – said that “There is something that can not be perceived, yet I am aware of its presence, it must be some kind of invisible force.” The Sages call this the Golden Elixir of Longevity and Immortality, a profound medicine that you can not buy — you can only produce it within — for free.

So, for me the meaning of life is to be awake to the actuality of being that is not possible to describe or see, but can be experienced. In this, I am empowered to wonder, I am inspired to express, I am alert to the presence of pure creativity — even in the most mundane moments. For me, empowering people to understand themselves deeply gives meaning to my life — so I train people to be teachers of meditation, mind-body practice, Tai Chi and Qigong. It is so incredibly fulfilling and I am deeply grateful!


~Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD, with decades as a physician of Chinese medicine, is the founder and director of the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (IIQTC). He has traveled to Asia numerous times to visit the universities, hospitals and sacred temples and mountain sites to research the practices of cultivation and the characteristics of the great sages. He is the author of The Healer Within and The Healing Promiser of Qi as well as articles and chapters in numerous volumes, including the clinical chapters in Chinese Medical Qigong. Dr Jahnke consults for hospitals and health care systems in wellness and integrative medicine and has trained over 1,000 Tai Chi and Qigong Teachers and Practice Leaders. He is the co-founder of the National Qigong Association (NQA) and the co-founder of the Healer Within Foundation (HWF) whose mantra is “We train 1,000s to inspire 1,000,000s to heal themselves for FREE!”

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