Master Yuantong Liu: The Meaning of Life and the Principles and Laws of Conscious Life

img_1187-1Excellence Reporter: Master Liu, what is the meaning of life?

Master Yuantong Liu: “What is the meaning of life?” it is a good question to ask ourselves and others.

I had asked this question in my life before 2008. Also I had asked many other questions such as the virtues, responsibilities and values of life living, and many more.

When I witnessed the strong earthquake on 12th May 2008 in Wenchuan, Sichuan, China, I really saw that life was so short and fragil, and so easy to fall down and disappear. A lot of people died of this. After then I was seriously questioning myself about what I really want and what the full meaning of life living is. Through my life-long training of Zhineng Qigong life training, with more than 34 years of Qigong practice, I have gradually got the answer from my experience and my understanding of Zhineng Qigong Science training.

I really hope my answer can offer a thought to people who seek the experience of the truth of life living.

Here is my answer.

What is the meaning of life?

According to my whole life experience and understanding of Zhineng Qigong Science, I believe that the meaning of life is:

To manifest the results of our Life Intention!

To serve the nature, living beings and ourselves, to live a healthy, long and harmonious life with self-control, freedom and awakened consciousness, with perfect beauty and equality state of life.

To create the brand new visions, wisdoms, beliefs, abilities and skills and to help all people on this planets to live with a better quality of life:

  • To completely open the heart and mind, heart to heart and mind to mind with nature, living beings, including human being and one’s own true self-awareness.
  • In order to exchange with each other, transform each other, balance with each other, respect and be humble with each other, and help and benefit all.
  • Together manifesting the principles and the laws of evolution and regeneration of life development.
  • To live the New Point of Life – the brand new Hunyuan Whole Entity of Life.
  • This is a brand new life of consciously using the initiative ability of consciousness according to the principles and the laws of human mind – the true-selfawareness (Yi Yuan Ti) to live the daily activities of life.

Life should follow the principles and laws of natural and conscious life.

The principles and laws of life include the principles and laws of the natural life and of conscious life. The principles and the laws of natural life are about the natural way of life development. The principles and the laws of conscious life are referring to the initiative features and abilities of the Mind Oneness Entity of human being (the Hunyuan Whole Entity of human mind). Working with the Mind Oneness Entity cannot be achieved by the development and evolution of the principles and laws of the natural life. It can be achieved by using the initiative features and abilities of human consciousness consciously, actively and inwardly to enter the state of Mind Oneness Entity to cognize it by the experience of training life. We use it then to help us to discovery the mysteries and secrets of life, to understand life completely, and to furthermore evolve the life towards an advanced level with health, peace, happiness and wisdoms.


~Master Yuantong Liu (Zhijun Liu), began studying a traditional form of qigong at the age of 8, and then later learned Zhineng Qigong. For the last 20 years he has been practicing Zhineng Qigong, and was a teacher at the Hua Xia Qigong Center, also known as the Medicine-less Hospital, for 10 years. He has also taught in Tibet and Sweden. He became a Zhineng Qigong Master after attending a rigorous 2 year training program at the Zhineng Qigong Center. Master Liu is also acknowledged as a Tuina massage expert, gaving worked in the area for the last 14 years. His Tui Na students were furthered at the Zhineng Qigong Center, and he currently owns the Tai Ji Tui Na Healing Center in Meishan, China.

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