Master Liu He: Living a Vibrant and Meaningful Life

dsc_0047_2Excellence Reporter: Master Liu, what is the meaning of life?

Master Liu He: The meaning of life is to never stop learning. It allows you to continue growing in the right direction for your life, other’s life, and nature’s life. With this concept, we become thankful for yesterday, appreciate today, and feel hope for tomorrow.

In Taoist/Chinese philosophy, there are three main suggestions to learn:

  1. Learn from Nature: When you learn from nature, you connect with nature and the natural vibrations of the universe instead of connecting with the Internet all the time. When nature changes, as with the seasons, we reflect these change within ourselves. We learn to respect nature and do no harm to nature.
  2. Learn philosophy: A philosophy class is best when introduced in middle school. When a teenager learns philosophy, this allows them to begin to focus on the internal, versus only paying attention to the external or superficial. When focusing on the external they never become satisfied with themselves. The thoughts start, thinking others are better, have more things to do, and become more materialistic. When they cannot get what they want, suffering and unhappiness begins. Philosophy will develop more wisdom for life, thus becoming a vital life skill.
  3. Learn Qigong: Qigong, as a branch of Chinese medicine, has a 5000 year history. The practice is for self-development, self-healing, to help others and heal the world. The first two suggestions for learning are a part of Qigong study.

By learning the three steps above, you will build a strong foundation. You then discover and live a vibrant and meaningful life.


~Master Liu He, world renowned Qigong Master & author, began her Taoist Medical training at the tender age of four under the strict, but loving guidance of her grandfather, a highly respected Qigong Master and Chinese Medical Doctor who treated the last emperor of China. By age 14, Liu He had attained the level of Qigong Master and was given permission by her grandfather to teach and perform healing techniques on others, a privilege traditionally reserved only for men. Her life has been dedicated to sharing with others all that has been given to her. Since leaving China in 1989, Liu He has taught Qigong and healing techniques extensively throughout Europe. Master Liu is an ongoing participant in World Qigong and Chinese Medicine Congresses and taught Qigong at the 2007 Annual American Holistic Medical Association Conference.

With her brother, Dr. Liu Dong, she co-founded Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School in Paris, France.  After moving to the United States, she opened the U.S. branch of Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. She is also on the faculty of the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine teaching their advanced level students.

In addition to her teaching she also accepts clients for Qi healing either in person, via Skype, phone, or remotely. She conducts the consultation in the English, French or mandarin Chinese languages. With over 30 years of extensive healing and teaching experience, her powerful techniques have helped numerous people around the world. She is the author of: Jade Woman Qigong, The Healing Power of Taoist Medicine for Every Woman; and co-authored: ABC du Qigong, with Liu Dong; Qigong et Medecine Chinoise, with Francois Cludy. She has been a contributor to The Empty Vessel featuring: Goddess Flying to the Moon, by Kimberly Ivy, Fall 2002; and Jade Woman Qigong, Fall 2009. Master Liu is an engaging public speaker and most recently has been spoke at the Oregon Health and Science University – Portland, OR Integrative Medicine Class and the Pacific University School of Professional Psychology – Portland, OR Annual Diversity Conference.

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  1. This master’s qigong methods create true healing. There are many qigong masters today but few are worthy of that title. Liu He is a true master.


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