Ocean Robbins: The Meaning of Life and Growing Food With Love

ocean-2012-wideExcellence Reporter: Ocean, what is the meaning of life?

Ocean Robbins: To me, it’s about love. Love for our bodies, hearts, minds and spirits. Love for the people we cherish. Love for all life.

In my work, I focus on food, and on what happens when we bring love into our food lives. When we grow food with love, then the soil, the farm workers, the animals, and the ecosystem are treated with respect. When we grow food with love, we are less likely to use poisons and more likely to replenish our topsoil. When we grow food with love, the result is safer and more sustainable for future generations.

When we choose and prepare food with love, then we get more nutrition. We are more likely to eat food that came from a plant, and less likely to eat food that was manufactured in a plant. We are more likely to enjoy whole foods that are filled with the fiber, vitamins and minerals we need. Healthy, life-giving whole foods provide us the nourishment we need to fight off disease and to add years to our life and life to our years.

When we choose to consume food with love, we give thanks. We salivate. We digest. When we share a good and nourishing meal with loved ones, a bond of connection is built. Food is deeply intimate. What we eat literally becomes us. And at the same time, every bite we take can connect us to land, water, sun, agricultural practices, and people all over the planet.

When we grow, prepare, and eat food with love, our bodies and our world become healthier.

And I think that’s a beautiful thing.


~Ocean Robbins is co-founder and CEO of the 350,000+ member Food Revolution Network and co-author Voices of the Food Revolution. He has spoken in person to more than 200,000 people and facilitated hundreds of gatherings for leaders from 65+ nations.

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