Leah Pearlman: The Meaning of Life… in this moment

leah-pearlman-author-photo-copyExcellence Reporter: Leah, what is the meaning of life?

Leah Pearlman: In this moment, the meaning of my life is the feeling of the keyboard under my fingertips.

It’s the smell of the coffee beside me and the taste of it in my mouth.

It’s the murmurs of the voices in the coffee shop humming above the sound of the music.

It’s the whir of the cars driving by.

It’s the buzz in my chest.

It’s the feeling of these words as they form from who knows where (no, seriously, who knows?) and watching them land on the page.

In this moment, the meaning of life is the thought: is this a good answer? Is this enough? It’s wanting to do a good job.

In this moment, the meaning of life is life itself, what’s actually happening, and when I truly check, I’ve never found it to be anything else.


~Leah Pearlman is the creator and founder of Dharma Comics, a popular web comic series. She started her career as a technologist, working for Microsoft and then Facebook, where she co-created both Facebook Pages and the Like Button, the very features that later helped her comics spread. In 2010 she left Facebook to dedicate herself fully to a path of self-awareness and discovery, and continued drawing on life. She lives between Berkeley, CA and Boulder, CO. In addition to illustrating for herself and others she is often coaching, mentoring, investing, volunteering, traveling, and endlessly learning. She is the author of DRAWN TOGETHER A Dharma Comics collection on the Curious Journey Through Life and Love.

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