Mark J. Johnson: The Meaning of Life is Like Dancing…


Excellence Reporter: Master Johnson, what is the meaning of life?

Mark J. Johnson:

“Ultimately, the meaning of life is the same as the meaning of dancing…

you are not on the dance floor to get somewhere,

you are simply “going with the flow”

in a fluid, dynamic, spontaneous, creative way.”


~Mark J. Johnson is a Tai Ji and Chi Gung instructor and healer. He is a founder of the National Qigong Assoc. and serves on the Advisory Council. He continues to judge Tai Ji tournaments regularly and leads Daoist retreats to China and Tibet yearly. He sells his Tai Chi for Seniors video and other instructional DVDs through his online company. (700,000 sales so far!) He has apprenticed with some of the world’s most prominent spiritual teachers in the world.

Read his new ebook – Life As Play – Amazon.com:ebooks (only $5)


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