Dr. Ted Cibik: The Meaning of Life and the True Immortal

taoist-ted-prExcellence Reporter: Dr. Cibik, what is the meaning of life?

Ted Cibik: My teacher once told me that no two minds have ever been created the same – so many unique experiences, influences and formations as we all move towards transformation. Therefore, the meaning in life may be unique to each individual. I contemplated how the ego is so influential in this question. I choose to think of my meaning of life is to serve.

In many religions, the afterlife is reported to be what we are striving for, practicing for and behaving for. In my sect of Formless Taoism, we believe that the energies that we cultivated in this life continue to nourish all those remaining behind in form and influence the formless of the souls yet to be embodied.

The concept of the Immortal in Taoism is well written and documented. As I see it, the true Immortal is one who lives on in thought and precedent laid down through their demonstrated action of thought and deeds while embodied. This transitional energy (Qi) is a medium between thought, spirit and manifestation in life. The meaning in this life therefore is to raise the vibrational consciousness to a higher level so that all around you can have exposure to that raised awareness and influence future generations to do the same towards finding peace and joy.

We do this predominantly by teaching. We are all teachers in some sense. You are teaching every time you are observed or listened to – even by your thoughts as they vibrate out from you. It is my sole responsibility to become aware of being the teacher and cultivate accordingly. In this line of thinking, it is not just about this lifetime but the many lifetimes that will be influenced by yours.


~Ted Cibik, Ph.D., Taoist Priest, Dr. of Medical QiGong (China), a visionary, speaker, healer and author has been passionate about Chinese medicine, martial arts, meditation, and healing since childhood. Dr. Cibik has been introduced on radio and television as the “Renaissance Man” for his diverse approach to healing.

Having survived two near death experiences and “crossing over” both times, he has unique insight to the spiritual world of energy and it’s movement. A survivor of incurable asthma and cancer, he has dedicated his life to healing himself and others.

An 89th generation disciple of Jade Purity/Lao Tzu Sect – a 7,000 year Taoist tradition of physicians and priests, Dr. Cibik is the Executive Director of Inner Strength, Inc – a Mind Body Education and healing center utilizing cutting edge integrative medicine modalities with the best of movement therapy, energy medicine and meditation. He serves on the board of the Allegheny Valley Hospital’s Alternative Medicine and is a member of the National QiGong Association, where he is acting chair of international certification in QiGong. Dr. Cibik has lectured before the National Institutes of Health on QiGong and exercise science multiple times and is a founding member of the Annual Taoist Gathering in the United States.

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